Aichi’s Shadow

Key Events

With a few people remembering Aichi, the antagonists of this season show themselves to us and also plan to stop more from remembering.

Ishida meets Shingo who unfortunately doesn’t remember Aichi. However they then meet one of the bad guys, his name is Moress Pennyworth. He challenges Ishida to a fight and uses Megacolony.

Throughout the duel he constantly plants doubt into Ishida’s head that there’s no one he can find Aichi. But one inspirational friendship head talk from Kai and Ishida performs Legion to beat Moress who jumps out of the window in retreat.


Well, that was a disappointing first showing from the villain. No magical dueling tables or cards floating in midair and he jumped out of the window to escape, how low-tech is that. Not to mention his name… His entrance was also pretty mediocre, he was just there. It can work if everything else is a bit more flashy, but nothing was. I can only hope that the rest of the bad guys will be better. He was just a butler I suppose. And at least we got to see the antagonists of the season. Also, there doesn’t seem to be any detriment to losing either, no threats of being reversed or something as far as I can tell. Well expect maybe losing his motivation to find Aichi. Nothing that scary though.

Still figuring out why Aichi’s imprisoned, still don’t have many ideas, but it’s gotta have something to do with Aichi being too strong for his own good.

Kai’s changing too much and too fast. I’m pretty sure he blushed when talking with Misaki. As hilarious and fun as it is to see it certainly doesn’t suit him. And his friendship speeches certainly doesn’t seem as good as Aichi’s. It just sounded odd especially with his voice in your head.

I know I’ve mentioned Kourin multiple times now but she’s ‘popped up again’ so to speak, as in not appearing on the cover of that vanguard magazine featuring Ultra Rare. She wasn’t seen to have been captured, so again, why isn’t she here? Probably won’t find out for a while.

Nice to see Megacolony again, how long ago was it since I last saw them? Not since Kyou Yahagi I believe, and that was a long long time ago. They’ve definitely come back in force though, an ability that stops anything from standing next turn is pretty strong. Cyclomatooth, quite a nice breakride for Megacolony. I don’t believe Megacolony ever made an impact on the vanguard competitive scene but maybe with this new breakride they will. Stopping all units including the vanguard from standing is big. Big enough to make them viable for competitive play? Unsure, in this current meta of breakriding, crossriding and soon Legion, stopping the Vanguard from standing seems a nonfactor. This isn’t lock so rear guards can be replaced as well. Undeniably the ability is very strong though. The only factors that will determine the success of it is how the meta develops when pack 15 comes out. Which is also the pack with the insta win Glendios, Venus Luquier who I’ve decided I’ll run my Silver Thorn deck on and of course Dragonic Overlord! Many strong cards in that deck meaning that Megacolony still may just be brushed to one side again.

Anyways, bad guys have started to move but we still need more people to remember Aichi. Ren and Miwa seem to be next from the preview. Again, probably won’t advance the storyline until that happens, so let’s keep going.