Seek the Mate

Key Events

As expected Ren doesn’t remember Aichi and Kai makes an early leave.

Back at Hitsue’s Vanguard Club, there’re only two members, Kai and Miwa. Remembering that a fight helped Misaki and Ishida, Kai challenges Miwa to a fight.

Like before, memories slowly flood back to Miwa as the duel goes on until the climax of Kai’s Legion and Miwa’s memory fully returns.

Next up on the agenda of returning memories is Kamui as he barges in to challenge Kai.


Kai’s popular? I don’t think his popularity’s ever been shown on screen until now, but it’s hardly surprising. Reminds me of Shugo Chara oddly enough, y’know with Amu’s ‘cool and spicy’ personality. That’s probably it, anime seems to favour the ‘cool and spicy’ characters. Tends not to work in real life, at least not in the UK, you’re just considered weird.

I was wondering why Kai didn’t fight Ren to remind him of Aichi. If it was as easy as just showing them the Blaster Blade card then there was no need to duel against Misaki and Ishida. Only reason I can think of is that he forgot, like when he remembers to fight against Miwa.

I’m gonna mention Kourin again, but only because not even Morikawa remembers her, and when that happens you know something’s not right. That confirms she’s definitely forgotten, I don’t believe Kai remembers her or he’d go looking for Rekka and Suiko for some answers as well. And if Morikawa doesn’t, then she’s disappeared and unlike Aichi, she’s completely forgotten.

However the most interesting thing for me is seeing more Kai backstory. I can’t remember if any Kai back story have been shown already. Apart from the very beginning of Kai giving Aichi Blaster Blade and his past with Ren, we don’t really know much else do we? Though that’s probably quite a big chunk of it, but the picture that was shown of him playing Royal Paladin seems to me like it was a very different more cheerful Kai. Did something change after he handed Aichi Blaster Blade? And more importantly why did he change from Paladins to Kagero? Those are some of the interesting questions it raises.

Perhaps this season being Kai focused has a reason behind it. Maybe we’ll see more of his past and more so, perhaps the current antagonists are related to Kai’s past. Which could explain why he’s the only one who remembers Aichi. Well, I’m calling it now either way.