Resolve (Ego)

Key Events

Moral injects himself in the middle of the street now that the time has come. Moral later then broadcasts an advert of where to go if people want a Minimum and flocks of people descent upon the destination to be met by police resistance.

Those who don’t want power are attacked by robots forcing them to realise how weak they are. Honey and other members of Hamatora move to destroy the robots before they can harm anyone.

Nice and Murasaki make their way to moral, Murasaki deals with the underlings and Nice finally face Moral and his Forbidden Minimum. It’s a teleportation minimum with a range of 10 metres. In that region he is omnipresent yet also not at the same time.

After a short spar and Moral gaining the upper hand, he explains his next move. Another scheme to punish the weak and deafen them. But he won’t activate that plan if Nice can beat him. But with instant teleportation it isn’t possible for Nice to touch Moral. Murasaki tries to help but is taken out.

Some inspiring words from Murasaki later, Nice calms and focuses. He moves for the fight again this time accelerating to a speed that is equal to instantaneous and then faster, enough to take Moral out.

Moral’s brain couldn’t take having two minimums and he starts coughing up blood. Art makes a timely reappearance and shoots Moral. He then points his gun at Nice’s head.


That’s quite a big ending, well ‘ending’, more of a cliffhanger and a pretty good one. Dramatic return of a ‘dead’ protagonist who now could be an antagonist. All that in a matter of seconds. But whilst I am very happy with the cliffhanger, I’m a little disappointed in other areas. For starters the fight, it was good, don’t get me wrong, the climax was fun and it was a natural progression for a supersonic movement type minimum to move even faster to the speed of light almost, if we’re believing Moral’s movements to be instant. A good fight that reached a nice climax that didn’t pull anything too strange out. The disappointing thing was the length. They spent way more time talking than fighting and being a Romance of the Three Kingdom fan that’s probably a good thing, but doesn’t work in anime one vs one fights. After showing off everyone’s skills and demonstrating the good animation, I really wanted a long ish fight but it was over too fast, Nice lost the first round, stopped thought of a way to beat him and did so swiftly. I guess with the limited variety on where the abilities could go and how the power levels differed, it would be quick and one sided whichever side ends up with the upper hand. Still, I felt myself thinking ‘that’s it?’ when Nice landed the final punch. It just wasn’t satisfying enough.

The second disappointing thing was Hajime’s minimum. I thought we’d get to see something special and all that happened was her taking out a nobody and then faint. They really didn’t follow that well after showing her activating the minimum at the end of last episode. Hyped it up for nothing which just means disappointment for the viewers, ended way too prematurely.

Also, I think I may have nightmares about those robots. My question is why…? Of all the things to terrorise people you use those type of robots shooting out some sort of pellets?. I mean sure you don’t aim to kill but they’re not really the most intimidating of things, sure they are damn well freaky but I wouldn’t say intimidating.

Something that still needs to be cleared up is Gasquet. Mainly because we still don’t know the details of Moral’s minimum requirements and something tells me we won’t be finding out any time soon. Unless it’s all a massive plot twist, Moral isn’t dead and Art still is, the one that appeared is actually the real Moral who changed into Art to get the jump on Nice and the dead Moral is actually some randomer who Moral gave his own and the God Minimum to so to watch from the sidelines to see how Nice does against it without risking his own safety. Hmm I dare say that could be a likely scenario. But yes, back on Gasquet, he’s a funny one, he just caught Moral’s hacker, why? Are they not on the same side? Or has the hacker lost her usefulness and this is an easy way to dispose of her without any suspicions falling onto Gasquet?

Now of course I can’t let this episode go without commenting on this God minimum. Yes godlike very much in the literal sense of being omnipresent, and I guess godlike in the sense of combat effectiveness as well. You can’t beat someone if he’s anywhere and everywhere. But really, that was it? Slightly disappointed. But I’ll give it to them that they definitely made it ‘godlike’. Apart from that though, it was kinda underwhelming. Not the usual destructive force you’d expect, or the out of this world strength etc, just that you can move instantaneously, and it even carries its own limiter.

So handy out Minimums isn’t as hard as brain surgery. No wonder Moral can hand them out like free samples. Just takes a quick injection by the looks of it.

With many abilities not revealed fully I think it’s very easy to throw a curve ball into the plot and say a certain ability stopped someone’s death or whatever in a deus ex machina sorta way. But whatever the case, if the story’s good it can cover up for that fact and it’s alright here. Kept me interested and whatever this deus ex machina ability is I do still want to know about it. So many things up in the air, I certainly don’t think we’ve heard enough of anything to figure out what’s going on, I’d like to see a continuation.

And in the end I think I’ll settle on that Moral wants equality i.e. making the weak want power and giving it to them so that everyone’s at a similar level. Though there’re probably many other motives mixed up with that false pretense of justice and equality, but I guess that’s the simple way to explain his goal.