Naoki’s Fist

Key Events

Winning with Team Handsome everyday has made Kamui feel like he’s missing something, so to try and remedy that he goes out looking for Kai who Gouki recommends to be a strong opponent.

When he arrives everyone asks him about Aichi and of course he doesn’t remember. Annoyed by this, Naoki takes the fight instead of Kai.

With passionate cries from Naoki and a passionate duel, he manages to drag out the dormant memories of Aichi from Kamui’s head. They now add one more to their team and decide to start their search with who they’ve got so far.

The antagonists also make their next move as one of the main antagonists decide to put matters into his own hands to stop anyone from getting close to Aichi.


Kamui may have lost his memories of Emi but he seems still disturbed by Nagisa which is a good sign. Though I guess he was before he met Emi, he only found someone to direct his affection to after meeting Emi rather than directing it away from Nagisa.

Is it just me or did Naoki’s voice sound extremely hoarse this episode? Probably from all that passionate shouting. Ignoring all that though, he did bring out the first Legion required ability, an upgraded Vermillion ability. I knew Legion skills were going to come out sooner or later, but I didn’t expect it to be so soon. Thought they’d just play around with the 20k power a bit first before boosting it even further like they did with Limit Break. They’re speeding up even further an already fast card game, I swear I can easily finish a game in less than 5 minutes at the moment already if both players know their decks inside and out as this game doesn’t really involve much thinking.

Now speaking of the Vermillion card, it’s a counterblast 2 for a Vermillion attack, which I think is a small cost. Vermillion needed 3 which made it balanced but to use it twice at 25k without boosting, I’d say it’s borderline OP. You can see the progression of the TCG just from that. I guess soon the meta will move towards legion and you just won’t be able to finish off the opponent fast enough unless you have the attacking power, however though, I do think restanding vanguards will still be near or at the top tier due to the power of extra drive checks. Also I never mentioned how good the Legion byproduct ability of adding 4 cards back into the deck is, recycling triggers is always good.

I’m slightly not that interested in the plot at the moment only because it’s still on the gathering ‘mates’ stage, however it seems we may be getting out of it now as they start their search and one of the new ‘big’ villains make an appearance too. Wonder what deck he’ll use, I’m half hoping for a new clan, but resurrecting an old clan that everyone’s forgotten about wouldn’t be too bad either like Great Nature, though that guy doesn’t seem like a Great Nature guy. As I recall reading somewhere that the villains are suppose to represent each of the different clans, whether that’s true or not I’ll find out soon. Whatever the case, the fact remains that I wouldn’t mind an old clan resurfacing now or a new clan introduced.

Oh also, when do they get their new clothes? And from the opening it looks like they’re in another world, I think they’ll finally head into Cray this time to fight the bad guys after the initial sparring in the real world. It looks like the villains are headquartered in another world anyway, so everyone needs to follow at some point whether that’s Cray or not.

Lastly, I think my suspicions of Kourin being forgotten is answered next episode as the preview shows PSY. The villains are obviously involved somehow, so now my question is why is she forgotten? Is it something to do with Takuto? If Kourin’s existence has disappeared, why not Rekka or Suiko too? She surely poses no threat, was she too close to Aichi? But that could be said for anyone here. I don’t know, I can’t find a reason to get rid of her, unless what I said in an earlier episode is true that she’s left on a journey of her own to find Aichi. That seems unlikely given all the evidence so far though.