This Miracle Trembles

Key Events

A new card game called WIXOSS is starting to pick up popularity and our protagonist Ruko Kominato obtains a deck for herself from her brother.

As she starts reading the rules she notices that her ‘avatar’ card is ‘alive’, this is a LRIG. She finds out later that this is the sign that she is a Selector. Selectors are WIXOSS players who are trying to become the ‘Eternal Girl’. If you win in battle repeatedly you can become the ‘Eternal Girl’ and have your dreams granted. If you lose three times you will lose your Selector status.

Ruko meets another Selector at school called Yuzuki Kurebayashi with her LRIG Hanayo who challenges her to a match before she knows the rules. During the match Ruko names her LRIG Tama, but the school bell rings for the end of lunch and their very short game comes to an abrupt halt and neither loses.

After school Ruko invites Yuzuki to her house and they become friends.


I think the first impressions are good, no question I want to follow this anime and for now I think I want to blog it.

It’s a premise that’s been used many times before, this anime actually reminds me very much of Fantasista doll. With the whole dream thing and cute girl cards coming alive and of course being a card game too. However the obvious difference is the dark undertone in this anime. I think they played it right, was nice and relaxing getting into the card game coupled with a peek at what could be lying underneath the surface piques my interest greatly. Going dark is usually a good thing, but going dark correctly in somewhere you wouldn’t normally expect it is a better thing.

Unfortunately nothing more was said about the card game itself, we only got to see the Avatar leveling up as pretty much the only game mechanic so far, which of course reminds me of Vanguard. Though at first glance the game doesn’t seem to play the same, they also have better duel tables for playing too.

The whole dream thing is a bit mediocre I think, it doesn’t really add enough detriment to lose a game as you don’t lose anything. If they really want to go dark they should’ve done something like play or you die, although I guess that may have sounded a little cliché. Still I don’t believe dreams are that much better, especially as there’s no great penalty for losing currently. In that sense it’s not really got enough to bring the tension needed to the games. However I’m sure they’ll be adding something more to the 3 losses and you’re out part of the ‘contract’ so to speak. I suppose the dream thing can seem innocent but easily invite foul play and something more sinister to it. So I’m glad they left it sorta ‘open’ there.

But yeah, overall the episode didn’t show much, but it showed enough. I’m very interested in seeing where this goes and also of course to find out more about the card game, looks like something I could get into. Hoping that it moves towards the more serious spectrum of card games too.