OP:Black Bullet” by fripSIDE

ED: “Toko Hana” by Yanagi Nagi

Episode 1: The Last Hope


Hello rent-a-badguy, sorry don't do Fridays

Hello rent-a-badguy, sorry don’t do Fridays

Rentarou is a civil officer responding to an incident, but is missing his initiator (fell off his bike earlier). Unfortunately the police have entered the room before he arrives. Upon entering Rentarou finds the police dead killed by a masked man. Rentarou is unable to defeat him and he escapes out the window. Rentarou reports that the victims maybe still alive and infected.

beansprout sale; cheapskate

beansprout sale; cheapskate

Meanwhile Enju; Rentarou’s initiator runs into the victim who then transforms into the Gastrea and attacks her. Rentarou arrives along with the police detective who shoots the Gastrea to no avail. Rentarou fires his gun equipped with varanium bullets, but empties his gun before killing it. Enju jumps in and defeats the Gastrea in an explosion of body parts from a kick. Enju reminds Rentarou of the beansprout sale and runs off.

Hmm smells fishy

Hmm smells fishy

Kisara Tendou; president of the Tendo security, is angry at Rentarou for not obtaining compensation money from the police over the Gastrea; only thinking of the beansprout sale. Later, Rentarou visits Muroto Sumire on the report of the Gastrea he’d killed earlier. At home, he and Enju eat the beansprouts he bought in the sale. Sumire narrates the origins of the cursed children.

This is your requested alarm call

This is your requested alarm call


I am back from a long spell away and I thought I get back into the swing of things. Black Bullet is the type of anime I was looking forward to this season.

Rentarou seems to be that typical character with a chip on his shoulder. Something might of happened when he was younger, maybe orphan. His job is made difficult by the police, with most of them dying biting off more they can chew. Why is that they want to look good in the trouser department on taking down a possible Gastrea. Wait for the civil officer who has experience on taking down the Gastrea or dying trying? Sorry but the police looks as though as they are the stupid dumb people in this story so far.

Enju is that typical loli character, but gets that serious look when she is fighting. At least she gets on with her friends at school than most other animes I have seen. We will have to see if she becomes annoying later on.

There are a few things that are not explained fully in this episode; without referring to the novel/manga. Such as the relationship and history between Sumire and Rentarou. He just pops into Sumire’s lab and is offered the Gastrea body parts as food; Sumire seems to like it, hmm must taste like chicken, then again isn’t every other unusual meat product?

Also the appearance of the element Varanium, where did it come from and how did they figure out that it could be the key item that could defeat the Gastrea. Hopefully we will find out soon enough.

Great to see fripSIDE doing this anime’s OP. I really like fripSIDE’s songs especially the use of the synths and drumbeats (that’s being a music technologist) Yaginuma Satoshi is a genius and I just love Nanjou Yoshino’s voice. Maybe I’ll buy the CD single when it comes out, maybe.