Poisonous Meeting

Key Events

Yuzuki is fine with not dueling Ruko, settling for that they can both have their wishes granted.

On the train with Ruko, Yuzuki hears that another Selector, Akira, goes to a school nearby and they head there straight away. They then meet yet another Selector, Hitoe, and Akira leads everyone somewhere private to duel. Akira and Hitoe go first, their duel kicks off and everyone is dragged into another world.

Some more details are given about the ‘colours’ of decks. Hitoe uses a green deck whilst Akira uses a blue deck. Blue decks focus on opponent’s hand destruction and also cards have levels.

Hitoe lacks any kind of poker face or confidence and is toyed around by Akira. Especially as Akira finds out Hitoe has no friends and pokes fun at that until she has no will left to fight, Akira wins.

After that Akira demands their contact details or she’s not letting them go. She manages to get Yuzuki’s details which leads to her spamming Yuzuki’s inbox with requests to duel.

Yuzuki and Ruko get out of school as quickly as possible to avoid running into Akira but on the way they see Yuzuki’s brother and what seems to be a nicely developing romantic relationship with a card shop owner. She gets annoyed at Ruko for not understanding anything as she doesn’t have a wish and then runs off. As she leaves, Hitoe appears again and requests a duel with Ruko. Meanwhile Akira tracks down Yuzuki and challenges her to which she accepts.


So the anime’s getting into the rules a little now and for me it’s looking more and more like vanguard every second… though I guess most card games are similar in some way shape or form.

What I don’t understand is how a stuck-up girl stopped three people from moving. Surely they can walk around her, Akira was one against three and however you look at it, that’s not good odds. Her avatar was asleep as well so she can’t really threaten them with a duel either, and anyway, it’s not really difficult to say no to a duel. What’re they afraid of? Yuzuki could’ve feigned not having a mobile, like Ruko, many ways to escape out of that situation and surely the last option is also available which is to wait it out. Akira’s reputation will be hurt more for being late than anyone else’s. Akira had nothing to back up her threats so yeah, was confused why they didn’t walk out…

This kinda builds on what I was talking about last episode that this anime doesn’t really back up anything. The dark feeling it has around the card game and around the characters are just that. They have the feeling, but they don’t have the substance. Again, there’re no consequences for losing that I find detrimental enough to make the game tense. I’m going to compare this to the other two card game anime I watch a lot, i.e. YGO and Vanguard, they had dark elements, YGO had the send to shadow realm/die and Vangaurd had the being Reversed and threaten humanity thing. Both had consequences for losing, so far, WIXOSS has not.

Maybe I’m saying that because I don’t understand the feeling of losing the opportunity to reach your dream. Like Ruko not understanding causing Yuzuki to shoot off into a fit of rage. But even still, that’s a failure on the story, death and being reversed are easy consequences to understand, it needs to be something with a high impact. To me losing the ability of a dream that from the beginning you didn’t have anyway is a no lose situation, you just return to normal. That isn’t a loss, and Ruko probably is thinking the same having no dream of her own.

However speaking of that it shouldn’t give Yuzuki an excuse to yell at her. My way of looking at this is that a dream is something you work towards with a strong will and motivation. Hitoe lost both in that duel so it’s natural that she would lose. Harsh perhaps, but true, and the thing was Ruko didn’t even go as far to say anything like that, she just doesn’t understand that pain. If Hitoe never gains that confidence she won’t win and that would be completely her fault, Yuzuki felt the pain and took her anger out on Ruko, that’s her wrongdoing there, Ruko did nothing wrong.

Keeping on the topic of Yuzuki, I have a distinct feeling I know what her wish is about, and it could very well fall in the realms of taboo. So, her duel against Akira will be interesting, as Akira will rip her apart when she finds out with that weird ability she has. You can tell Yuzuki isn’t the strongest person mentally either if she’s heavily affected by another’s loss so she will fall to pieces against Akira. Maybe not in the way that Hitoe did, but she still will. At least this taboo is in itself somewhat ‘dark’.

So I’m repeating a few points from the first episode, i.e. it’s given off a nice impression with the dark atmosphere it’s created. But so far it’s failed to back it up with any solid substance. Again, still early days so I’m hoping they expand on everything, like what that other world is, what the whole eternal girl/dream is about and just generally what is going on exactly. Not really been told much, just about a card game that can grant wishes. I’m sure there’s something darker at the core of everything. I’m actually also very interested in what Akira’s dream is, for someone as stuck-up as her, it’d be interesting to find out. It’s could be something laughable and she’s putting on this whole demeanor to cover that up. That’s definitely something worth knowing.