In the same vein as me missing One Piece endings, I love the new One Piece opening.

So, because I was too busy to do a lyric blog on it, I’ll use it as SOTW instead.

When I was younger, I always thought One Piece got rather lackluster themes compared to the other “big two” shounen anime in Naruto and BLEACH, but nowadays I see that it’s because of the premise of the series. Naruto and BLEACH are rather more serious and violent, and so deserve rock themes. One Piece is just one epic adventure, and so just needs uber-catchy pop music that gets you pumped.

Hey, this is just like that. It’s also been stuck in my head for about a month. So now it’ll be stuck in your heads – forever.



Opening Version



Granted, I can’t find a full release at the moment, but hey, the anime version is 2:30 long. It’s practically a full song as it is.