Nonsensical Peace

Key Events

Hitoe vs Akira was actually Hitoe’s first battle hence why the loss. She had underestimated the pressures of a real battle despite learning a lot of strategies and knowing about the game beforehand.

After a bit of friendly chat, Hitoe and Ruko start their duel and they enter into a lovely warm world, because the world they enter depend on the affinity of the selectors in battle. During the duel Ruko starts having second thoughts on winning, but Hitoe doesn’t want to win that way, she doesn’t want to tarnish her wish by cheating, so Hitoe convinces Ruko to fight properly and she does. The battle eventually ends in a win for Ruko causing Tama to evolve.

Meanwhile Akira vs Yuzuki gets underway. And within minutes Akira’s taunts have taken affect on Yuzuki throwing her off her game resulting in an eventual loss for her.

Akira returns to her idol work extremely pissed off that she’s still not the Eterna girl giving us information that you need to do more than just win to become the Eterna girl. We are then introduced to the final main character in this story, Iona, with a rather sadistic LRIG.


Losing on purpose isn’t very nice, especially now that Hitoe seems to have found some motivation to really go for her dream. Which means it would be an insult to the other person to have won as cheaply as this. Sure some people don’t mind, but a hollow victory is still a hollow victory and if you have any kind of conscience then it’ll start to bother the both of you eventually.

Hitoe has the right idea now, even if she lost her motivation once, she can pull herself back up and try again. At least she has a good fighting spirit, the only thing that annoys me is her extremely high pitched voice. Well anyway, she now has a friend so it’s all okay, she doesn’t need the dream anymore. She had it fulfilled through the card game, shame not all dreams are as easy to fulfil as that, her dream was definitely a ‘weak’ one, tells us a lot about her personality.

As expected Yuzuki was easily taunted by Akira. But I guess with something as taboo as that, it’s hard not to be riled up if you don’t have a will of steel. Too much of society will consider it wrong, you will be shunned from everyone and maybe even arrested. If you plan on carrying on with such a controversial ideal, then you need to be fully prepared for the consequences. Similar to how I was saying that if you want to follow your dream you should be motivated and have a strong will. Even more so for something that is taboo. She simply wasn’t strong enough. The fact that she knew her feelings were wrong and was bothered about it made that clear.

Nice to see Tama start glowing brightly and evolve. Hmmm, remind you of something?

Right, new selector entering the fray next episode by the looks of it, and if attitude is anything to go by, a strong one too. This anime’s still shied away from revealing more about its secrets but I think it should offer some more hints at the darkness that surrounds everything or else this will turn into a normal card game anime with elements of darkness like any other card game. As I’ve said before, it’s still managed to create this atmosphere, losing it now would be a waste. Hopefully with this new character something new will be offered.