Blue Flames Gaillard

Key Events

Finally realising that there could be a connection with Kourin disappearing and Aichi, Kai decides to check out PSY.

At the shop, Kai meets Olivier Gaillard, the champion of the European Vanguard Circuit. Kai remembers him because when he was Reversing the top fighters of the world with Link Joker, Olivier Gaillard was one of a few groups who fought against the Reversed fighters. Olivier’s part of the Quatre Knights and he requests that Kai stops searching for Aichi.

Kai refuses so Olivier falls back to the old way of settling things, a duel. He uses his Holy Prominence Prison which is a space he creates to duel in.

Olivier uses Liberators claiming to have inherited Aichi’s will and when grade 3 comes round he actually uses Monarch Sanctuary Alfred and his own Avatar, Percival. With a 30k attack, he beats Kai and all the damage that was inflicted in the prison are ‘dealt’ to the loser causing Kai incredible pain.

As long as Kai doesn’t give up the search for Aichi, Gaillard will keep coming back, and with the other 3 members of Quatre Knights, he’ll come after everyone.


This duel was an interesting one, I didn’t see it stretching for two episodes and I was right on that, but as it went on my opinion of the victor was constantly jumping from Kai to Olivier mainly because either could win. Two reasons, it’s too early for one of the big villains to lose as it’d be a bad first impression for someone who finally made a flashy entrance and exit. But Kai losing seemed somewhat unbecoming. Unfortunately though the former was more important and Kai took the loss. At least the consequences aren’t as bad as being reversed. Also, le vanguard…? I believe that’s French? I wonder what next, das vanguard…?

Well Kai tried, he even brought out the ability which I think will be the new top tier, the restanding Legion. Remember I said that I think both Legion and restand will be top tier or at least thereabouts, well there’s no doubt in my mind that a restanding Legion will definitely be top tier. Although that said I do realize that a restanding Raging Form Dragon will be at 21k. Still though, a constant 20k attack during your turn is stronger and more consistent. But yeah, Raging Form is easily the meta at the moment.

Back to a short point on Kai, we now know where he went when he flew away from Japan, to reverse the world. Not to set up a huge worldwide tournament as I had thought, though I think my idea would’ve been better, grander.

Not sure if I’ve talked about this before, but why is Aichi asleep anyway? Used up too much power and need a rest now? If that’s the case why don’t the Quatre Knights tell Kai and gang, if they know that Aichi needs to rest to recharge then surely they’ll comply. So that seems unlikely, it’s probably not a ‘friendly’ reason.

Some more English this episode, just a single word though… no… why? Why the random single word reply…? I don’t understand. It was actually quite funny though.

I’m wondering what Ren’s hiding. His ignorance seemed too forced when Kai was questioning him. It feels like he’s hiding something. Whether that’s the anime doing it right and giving that impression on purpose or doing it by accident and Ren doesn’t know anything, I don’t know. However it’s clear that Ren will be involved eventually.

Olivier didn’t use all of Aichi’s cards, carrying on Aichi’s will was a lie, he used his own card to win. I had hoped that Kai would’ve used this fact to come back strong seeing that Olivier’s not using Aichi’s cards all the way to the end. But it wasn’t meant to be, he’ll have to improve more and maybe get back onto Narukami or Kagero, I’d prefer the latter with the new grade 4 coming out.