Steel Neve

Key Events

Phillip Neve is the next Quatre Knight to appear and his targets are Naoki and Misaki. Feeling irritated that he let Moress go, Naoki steps up to face Phillip who uses Metal Borg a new Archetype in Dimension Police.

Phillip wins with his own Legion card leading Naoki to the same fate as Kai. But also like Kai, he won’t give up here.

Misaki steps up next but is warned by both Kai, who just arrived, and Naoki not to duel.

Meanwhile at school Miwa meets another member of the Quatre Knights and is defeated off screen.


Is it weird that my only thought when Phillip used his steel prison was that at least it stopped the rain? Was slightly uninteresting I guess as it was no different to Olivier, not that I expected it to be much different. Same effect at the end too which is fine, consistent.

Also, another thing that crossed my mind was how Legion will make it pretty much impossible to run 10k vanguards. This is because I still run 10k vanguards in some of my secondary decks, like Leading Jewel Knight Salome and my cheaply made Pale Moon running Nightmare Doll Chelsea. So it will be even more so perfect guard or no guard.

Leading on from that point, Vanguard’s moving towards an even faster game by destroying that meta of perfect guarding with the release of a new vanguard that stops grade 1s from guarding. It’s not the first time I’ve seen it, Glory Maelstrom is the other one that I remember with the effect, however it did not have 20k power on its own. This is why I don’t believe a Silent Tom ability on the vanguard is better than a non-grade 1 or above guarding ability i.e. Transcendence’s Silent Tom ability is a non-factor. Though I guess that’s never been the scary part of that card, at least not in my view.

I found it funny how it was the ‘woman’ and ‘child’ that didn’t get a taste of Quatre Knight’s defeat i.e. Misaki and Kamui. Very much women and children safe first. I did think the final member of Quatre Knights would appear before Kamui but seems not according to the preview.

I was thinking that they’d have shown too much if the third Knight also introduced himself, but the anime decided it wasn’t time yet. However now that everyone’s in their new attire, does that mean they heading out on their quest to find Aichi now? I somehow doubt it seeing as they know they’re not strong enough to win. What’s more likely is some sort of training camp. They need to become stronger, by how things look so far, the Knights are in a different league. Now’s a good time as any for Ren to ‘reveal’ himself, or rather his involvement in everything.