The Leader, Kai

Key Events

Like Olivier, Phillip Neve has also won the European circuit many times as well.

Not wanting to see everyone hurt again Kai decides to go on alone, like always. However Kamui stops him and as you would expect, a duel breaks out.

With a Legion of his own, Kamui breaks through Kai’s stubbornness, wins the match and the five leave together on their search for Aichi.


Kai and Miwa sure recovered quickly from their duels, didn’t seem to notice it at all unlike Naoki who was still bruised and aching. Perhaps that shows the difference between the men and the boys. Miwa looks stronger than you think. Though he has been with Kai the entire time, probably rubbed off on him.

They seem to be heading somewhere next episode, when I said that I was hoping they’d go somewhere else I was expecting somewhere like Cray, or another world. What I wasn’t expecting was them to fly to another part of the world, namely Europe where the Quatre Knights seem to be based and where I believe they’re heading off to as they’re at the airport in the preview and it would make sense.

Perhaps they’re going to attend the Europe circuit whilst they’re there and beat Quatre Knights in a team battle. That doesn’t sound impossible and isn’t something I’d mind happening. However they’re probably more likely just to be chasing down the members to find answers. Though at the moment I don’t think chasing them down is a great idea since they know they’re much weaker. At least my idea would give them a chance to get stronger.

But anyways, with Kai as the vanguard they are still lacking one rearguard unit for a full field. Of course the last one is Ren, where is he…? I thought he’d appear next episode but that honour is instead given to Kenji who seems to be playing against one of the Quatre Knights. Makes me wonder why he got involved in the first place. Probably helping the other guys when they’re trying to get on the plane, the ‘I’ll hold them off’ sorta thing maybe? That girl who looks like who Kenji is dueling isn’t using some sort of prison thing, so perhaps they’re only saving that for the ‘important’ people.

And an odd thought to finish this blog, I don’t remember seeing anyone grade locked in the anime. Do you? I think it would be fun, but probably not during important duels as it’d be too serious for it. Still, maybe a comical duel to lighten the mood sometime, though if it does happen it’ll probably only ever happen to Morikawa, the only fighter who has a severely unbalanced deck.