Introducing Great Daikaiser

Key Events

Wanting to find out more about the Quatre Knights, Misaki and Kamui decide to find Kenji and ask him about them as he fights in many tournaments all over the world.

Whilst at the airport, they notice a girl running around looking for something. Her name is Ratie and her companion is Cera, they both know Kenji.

Though unfortunately Kenji doesn’t remember Misaki or Kamui. However they do manage to talk to him, but before they can get any meaningful information, Ratie distracts Kenji by forcing him into a duel.

It seems that Kenji has been matched up with Ratie on several occasions but never got to face her due to her never showing up. Her full name is Ratie Curti, nicknamed the Uncrowned Witch. A strong fighter from central Asia who’s love for donuts means she tends to be disqualified for not showing up to duels.

Raul Cera is the other person’s full name, the South American vanguard champion. Believing that these two may know something about Gaillard and Neve, Misaki and Kamui stick around.

In the middle of the duel when Cera believes that Ratie has won, he leaves and Kamui follows.

Ratie does win and whilst Kenji goes off to take a call, she reveals her prison and traps Misaki into a duel. Similarly, Cera activates his prison and traps a pursuing Kamui into a duel. These two are also from the Quatre Knights.


Well, I was completely wrong about Kenji then. He doesn’t even remember who they are. Then again, that’s not completely unexpected as no one else remembered anyone else, like Kamui or Naoki, before Kai ‘fixed’ them.

I did think it was strange that Misaki and Kamui didn’t get their duels, but there were two other Quatre Knights for them to face, so it’s only natural that they’d get their chance eventually. And here comes the pain for them. Though that said, I do really want them to win. I don’t believe Kamui’s getting up if he’s hit with that much pain and being a Misaki fan, i.e. using all her decks, I really want to see the new Genesis Legion do well.

I did have a feeling that Ratie seemed distinctively non-European, so I gathered that they weren’t heading to Europe after all. And the fact that no one else was with them and they didn’t have any luggage helped in that deduction.

Though I do like that the anime’s opening it up to world stage now. Japan and Asia aren’t the only big vanguard areas. Perhaps the other areas are even better if the Asia Circuit champions lost.

Interesting new cards though, I think that’s why they did this duel as I was wondering what was the point of Ratie showing her deck before she faced Misaki. But I guess it gives the anime a chance to show some Dimension Police which isn’t used very much, seeing as Kenji is the main user and he’s rarely around.

But yes, new Shadow Paladins, a witch deck. An interesting focus, reminds me of a Stil Vampir, but more potent. Although I don’t believe switching out rear guards is as good as retiring or locking, though late game it can easily turn into a big problem as shown as it achieves a similar result to locking and retiring by making the rear guards useless. May be something I’ll try to run at some point, and I think the major new ability is being able to remove triggers from the next cards in your opponent’s deck. And with the triple drive check ability it seems everything’s trigger related here. Also accompanied with nullifying perfect guards, the game speeds up some more, although I suppose this may just be bringing the other clans up to speed with the current meta.

Weird thing, but I never realised that you can add more guards to a sentinel guard, but I guess no one said you couldn’t add to a perfect guard, just that you wouldn’t. If they start nullifying perfect guards, that’ll bring out more quintet walls and forcing you to have a mix of the two because you never know what you’ll face. I think this move for the meta places a lot more emphasis on having draw triggers, if you can’t use grade 1s or above due to abilities, then you’ll need the draws to get you more triggers to guard with, not ideal, but that’s what I think it leads to. Which I suppose is contradictory to what I was thinking before about a perfect guard or no guard meta against vanguard attacks. However this seems to be just the phases the game’s going through, and having a mix is good for the game anyway.