Illusional Rati

Key Events

Kamui and Misaki start up their duels, but this episode focuses on Misaki’s duel. She shows off Genesis’ new legion scoring a crit 3 in one hit. But unfortunately, Rati’s witch deck’s annoying grade 0 switching of rear guards proves too much for Misaki and she takes the loss.

Next up, Kamui’s duel.


Well, I knew Misaki wouldn’t be able to win. But at least her suffering was cut short thanks to the whirlwind of leaves covering her and also the anime jumping to Kenji. See even the anime is uncomfortable with the fact that she lost. I had a ray of hope when Misaki had her near unstoppable attack, was really hoping for a double crit to finish the game, but I guess that win would be too cheap. I knew the second attack wouldn’t go through though, Rati had 5 cards in her hand and it was unlikely she wouldn’t have 10k guards.

Speaking of Rati, I do see how annoying her deck can be, but I still don’t think it’s as strong as retiring or locking. Well that’s just my opinion, mainly depends on how you deal with the problem and the deck you’re running.

And with another no perfect guard vanguard ability appears, I think it again places emphasis on draw triggers, or crit triggers to make use of the no guard. So either defensive with draws or go all out with crits. Crit triggers would be going with the flow of speeding up the game, a lot of people don’t guard early game, i.e. grades 1 and 2, but think about it, 2 crits and an extra attack here and there from rear guards and you’re down by 5 damage before you get to grade 3. Extra crits to rush the early game is a good idea with these powerhouses as grade 3s. I’d try that more especially now as most people run break rides which obviously delay their power spike until their 2nd grade 3 ride at the earliest.

From the very short glimpse of Raul’s monster, I think it could be Musketeers? I thought it looked musketeer-ey, probably wrong… but I would like to see a resurgence in that small archetype I quite liked.