Freezing Ice Cera

Key Events

Kamui and Cera’s duel ends quickly with a swift victory from Cera’s musketeers.

The scene jumps to Phillip and Olivier back at their base having a duel. After it, Olivier seems concerned when Cera and Rati’s duels were mentioned that Kamui and Misaki won’t give up so easily even if they lose. But Phillip states that judgment will be passed again and again until they give up.

Cera however does tell Kamui that to get to Aichi they only need to beat the Quatre Knights and advises him to get stronger before challenging them again.

Kai makes his next move to contact Ren again.


Oh wow I was actually right, recognized Musketeers from that short glimpse, I’m quite happy about that. Not only because I was right, but more so that musketeers are coming back. It may be time to dust off my old Cecilia deck. Though unfortunately whilst Cera did give Musketeers a Legion, it was hardly anything to be impressed about. The Peony Legion, from what I saw, seems to be a less reliable Cecilia. I’ll probably still give them a go, but they’ll only be a side deck again.

I feel Kamui lost too easily. I thought he’d be able to guard that last attack. I don’t even think we saw his legion’s ability did we?

Again here Kamui’s pain was also cut short with a quick switch to Quatre Knight’s base, anime doesn’t like Kamui or Misaki losing? They were left to last as well. Or was it a good time to jump away and give a little more background info? Also I’m rather surprised both of them can stand again, they have more strength than I thought.

I’m starting to get the feeling that the Quatre Knights aren’t all bad. I’m wondering if this whole thing is the doing of someone of a higher power to be sure that the ones with Aichi are worthy of being with him? For example for whatever lies ahead which is a bigger evil that may require Aichi to rest up? And next season the Quatre Knights will join them to fight this bigger evil. I personally don’t think they seem like villains and they’re not trying to permanently stop Kai and gang, what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger. They’re giving the grounds for growth which I believe looks to be in preparation for something, especially as we know there’re more vanguard seasons planned. Ren also seems to be testing them too.

Let’s be honest Aichi has been doing everything himself so far to beat the enemies, so it’s natural that everyone else should catch up so that they don’t end up being a burden to him, like being reversed.

Anyways, finally onto Ren now, he knows something and we all know it. Now we’ll hopefully find out.