Right, two weeks before the exam, I’m gonna have to make this quick-ish. I know I said that I may start looking into some songs from this season as there’re quite a few I like, such like Black Bullet, Rising Hope, Soushou Innocence and This Game, I’d recommend having a listen to those if you don’t know them already. Although you probably do as they’re from what I’d say are the better anime of this season, for me at least.

But anyway, before I get to them, I was reminded of an old song as I had downloaded the 2012 and 2013 Animelo Lives to watch for background music. And this song just happened to be performed in the 2012 Animelo. Was such a good song that I had to do this song for today’s SOTW. Here’s the OP of Bokurano, Uninstall by Chiaki Ishikawa.