That Fake Vow

Key Events

Aki wants revenge and pulls out a knife to attack Ruko and Yuzuki, but a policeman happens to come by and stops the attack, Ruko and Yuzuki manage to escape. After that Yuzuki decides to break off from Ruko as she’s going to continue fighting and says to meet again when she’s Kazuki’s girlfriend.

Yuzuki posts an advert in the local card shop to challenge all Selectors and manages to lure one. In this battle she feels different and much stronger. Because with the win, a new Eterna Girl is born.

At another card shop Kazuki is playing well as always and a girl wants him to look over her deck, however at the mention of Yuzuki the girl leads him outside and asks him out. Though when he doesn’t return her feelings she starts accusing him and Yuzuki of being immoral. Annoyed at the rumours Kazuki storms off.

Back at home, Yuzuki with what seems like renewed confidence in her seduction abilities slowly takes Kazuki as hers.

Meanwhile, Hitoe’s mum buys her a new WIXOSS deck, however in that deck is Hitoe’s second LRIG, and that LRIG is Yuzuki.


Now that’s a lovely twist, I have quite a fair bit to say from the implications of that last scene. And just last episode I was hoping that this whole wish thing was a charade and that it’d all be for something else, something much darker. Seems I got what I wanted.

Now here’s my theory on this, if you win and become the Eterna Girl, you’re LRIG gets to ‘escape’ and become the dream that you wanted, and you then will become a LRIG to be picked up by the next selector. The dream is granted, so I guess it’s not a complete charade, but everything’s misleading. However this does clear up that if the LRIG knows this they will of course not want to tell their owners the whole story as that would jeopardize their escape. Why hide the truth and continue battling? Well, that’s clear to me now. Even if you really like your Selector, you’d still prioritize your escape out of that prison. Makes me wonder what kind of people all those LRIGs we’ve seen so far used to be. Yuzuki looks normal, just with different clothes, but the others look like actual card designs than actual people. Though that’s a minor detail I won’t bother delving into. I have other thoughts to get to.

I want to make some more comments on this sibling love controversy, especially in response to the rumours that were mentioned. Firstly, what’s wrong with being with your sister? I don’t get how this taboo assumption can be assumed from being with someone related to you a lot. If it was someone else then maybe you’d suspect something, but this is one of your closest relatives. There’s a perfectly good reason for being together a lot, because if those girls haven’t noticed, they live together, they go to the same school, they’ve spent all their life together etc. I’d argue that it’d be extremely strange if they weren’t together, that’s a bad brother and sister relationship. The other thing that didn’t make sense was the fact that kissing someone else will prove your affection for another person doesn’t exist. For one thing, that proves absolutely nothing, and for another that just seems like a sly excuse to get a kiss. But whatever, I guess it doesn’t have to make sense.

I’m glad Yuzuki made her decision to go for it. I think that feeling of determination and the will to forge ahead may be what ‘granted’ her wish because I don’t see how it can happen so quickly otherwise. Hitoe already found friends so her feelings were lacking and she never won anyway, sure Aki won many times but she was picking the weak ones off and didn’t really want to try. Yuzuki on the other hand sent out a notice to all and didn’t care who she faced. That determination may have been why she is where she is now. Which is such a shame, having all that happiness from thinking you achieved your dream crushed.

Some random points from me, after having watched Vanguard first then this, I swear that there’s some cross over BGM or they’re extremely similar in some parts. I don’t think I’m mixing the two up by mistake… Also I really like the WIXOSS boxes. They’re really nicely designed, I don’t like all the fancy stuff they put on TCG boxes these days, something like the WIXOSS box is what I’d want. It looks like any other box like sweets or jewellery, simplicity is what it is, just a logo and a standard rectangular design is all it needs.

Looks like the truth is out next episode, I’ll see if I’m right. Honestly though I don’t think there can be much variant to my theory. Perhaps that half your soul is taken as a new LRIG and the half becomes the dream that you wanted? That would leave questions about where Hanayo’s gone. It doesn’t sound as convincing. Whatever the case I think it’s quite obvious that if you win you become the next LRIG. And because of this my interest in this anime has shot up. I really like this twist. Also it seems Hitoe’s breaking out of her tainted dream somehow, I didn’t think selectors got second chances but I’m probably wrong.