Ren’s Promise

Key Events

The Quatre knights are all victorious however they don’t believe that this will be the end of Kai and team. Although no one’s worried as they can’t set foot in their sanctuary to find Aichi. However Cera is concerned that they’re not the only ones who hold all the information.

The duel between Kai and Ren continue with Ren’s poker face broken when Kai brings out blaster blade. But he continues his ignorance act testing Kai’s resolve. But Kai breaks through eventually.

However Ren has a promise to keep and isn’t allowed to talk, he does show Kai a message of a place and tells him to go there.


With reference to Emi’s deck, Bermuda Triangles have recently gotten a lot of Vanguard card sleeves released. Well, they’re mermaids so I’m assuming Bermuda Triangle, I remember Prisms doing well in tournaments I think, so an upgrade or that? Also I noticed that all the cards on display in card capital that you got a glimpse of are all old cards and none of them are rare, but I guess you’d be using the good cards. I think the highest real life rarity I saw there was a RR.

Next interesting thing I found was the seemingly bottomless pit of donuts. I swear that she’s eaten more than what the box can hold, unless it was an extremely packed box…

Another Legion restand in Phantom Blaster Abyss. That’s the way the meta’s heading by the look of it. And speaking of Ren, I’m rather disappointed that nothing big was revealed. However there was a clue, though not a great one. That place looks like Stonehenge to me. Perhaps it’ll be a place that can beam them up to the sanctuary that the Quatre Knights are in. At least they’re going to somewhere more interesting, and not Europe, I prefer somewhere exotic.

Obstacles are going to be everywhere though I’m sure, and the first is Gaillard. His opponent looks to be Ishida. I don’t believe this short amount of time was enough for them to improve that drastically so I’m not expecting a win. But who knows. Though I do believe some sort of training camp should occur first before they win against them.