The Cruel Truth

Key Events

Akira still hasn’t returned home for over a week now.

The effect of the wish is starting to take effect on Kazuki.

Rumours spread in school about Yuzuki and Kazuki’s relationship. Yuzuki finally tells everything to Kazuki, about her feelings and what her wish was. However he doesn’t return those feelings straight away and runs.

As Ruko is still deciding what to do, on her way back from school, she meets Hitoe down a dark alleyway. She’s a selector again, but does not remember Ruko and wants a battle. But then Yuzuki’s appears as Hitoe’s new LRIG asking for a favour to battle. Ruko finally gives in and accepts.

As the battle begins, Yuzuki explains her story. When she won, Hanayo took her place in the real world and she became a LRIG. An eterna girl has the power to grant wishes, but the wish is granted to the LRIG. When the new Selector wins, only then can the LRIG come back to the real world again.

At Yuzuki’s house, ‘her’ wish is finally granted and Kazuki gives in to his emotions.


Well that’s not that common, me getting my prediction spot on that is. Somehow after a feeling of accomplishment for getting it right, I now feel a little disappointed that the story is what it is. An endless cycle of battle to escape a rather dangerous game that all started with the hopes that you could achieve your dream. I do like it, I suppose my disappointment probably stems from the fact that the entire episode was basically used to explain everything and not much else happened.

Still annoying to see Yuzuki and Kazuki ostracized because they’re together. It’s so ridiculous, is it a crime to be with your sibling? Well, I won’t say more on this, I may have said too much on this point anyway.

I find it odd that Yuzuki’s wish was purely to be Kazuki’s girlfriend, i.e. to change his opinion. I thought her problem was mainly all the negative public opinion around it. I thought the wish was more of her and Kazuki being together and for society to accept it. Or would that be two wishes..? Wonder how strict the specifications of the wish has to be. Either way, it’s come true, I wonder if Hanayo’s happy to be a part of the immorality and controversy. She seems to be enjoying it, but maybe that’s the wish’s effect.

Not much went on this episode, but it does lay out the overall risks to this game. Now what will Ruko do? And more importantly, how will this battle turn out? I would love it if Hitoe got her memory back, and also I’d like it more if Yuzuki takes over Hitoe’s body, that’d be fun. Though that said, with the truth out, I wonder if Hitoe will continue to battle knowing she’ll just wind up as a LRIG fighting for her own survival.


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