The Place Where Aichi Will Return

Key Events

With the information Ren gave them, everyone make their way to the location.

At the location, Gaillard is waiting to greet them and a determined Ishida decides to face him. But was no match for Gaillard.

Kai wants to face him next, but a familiar face appears in Kourin who will take the fight instead.


Look who shows up now. I did question Kourin’s disappearance earlier in the series but gave up and went along with the fact that she followed Aichi in some way shape or form. Which looks to be right, she’s joined up with the Quatre Knights. Which means her memory wasn’t lost ? Or it has been lost and she was convinced to help them out as a great duelist. I don’t see why she’d be helping the opposite side otherwise, if anything she seemed the closest to Aichi, in terms of affection, so why is she with them if she knows things? But then again, we don’t know the full picture. I still believe this is more of a test for the friends of Aichi, that they are worthy to be with him.

About the duel, I never expected Ishida to win and when Gaillard took an early lead with that crit I thought it’d be a quicker finish that what was expected, but Ishida fought back harder than I thought.

Well who knew, Miwa’s rather unfit, I thought he’d be fitter than that, though I think it’s either him or Kamui that would be suited to being unfit. And Kamui is a hyper kid.

Also regarding what I said last episode about Rati, that really is a bottomless supply of donuts…

With Ishida’s loss, Kai steps up next, to face Kourin by the looks of it. I’m wondering if she’ll divulge any more information, they all used to be close ish after all. This clue that Ren gave hasn’t given them much yet, but I think it’s likely that with Kourin’s appearance something more will be said. They really need some sort of revelation to make them all stronger, they’re miles away from beating the Quatre Knights at the moment, or at least that’s what anime implies.