The Announced Truth

Key Events

Kourin’s takes Kai’s battle and asks Gaillard for his prison to set the stage. However his fiery prison is soon plummeted into darkness by Kourin’s Link Jokers. However she’s using the deck of her own free will. She knows that Link Joker is evil, but is willing to use them to stop Kai and gang.

Knowing that Kai’s feelings towards Aichi are genuine, Kourin decides to tell them the truth. Aichi doesn’t want to be rescued. Everything so far, people losing the memories and Quatre knights stopping them, are all Aichi’s will.

No one believes her, so Kourin warps everyone minds to the place where Aichi is to hear for themselves from Aichi that he doesn’t want to see them anymore.

Kourin wins but doesn’t reverse Kai. However she takes Blaster Blade to return him to his rightful owner.

Kourin repeats to stop chasing Aichi and disappears with Gaillard.


Well, I’ve been saying this for a while, they need training, a lot of it. And who better to ask than Leon. Still another strong fighter they know that, probably due to all the memory, will know nothing but will be on his little island and not made contact with the Quatre Knights. So a perfect person to contact, and who knows he may still remember Aichi, he has powers too. But they’ll probably just be visitors to an empty island looking for strong opponents to duel, and I’m sure Leon would welcome that.

If you ask me, Aichi’s asleep, I don’t think he gives any commands. I don’t believe that Aichi said those things, and if he did, it’s not what he actually means. It makes no sense to ditch everyone suddenly with no explanation. I still believe that this is either one big test to see if everyone is worthy of following Aichi into his next challenge or Aichi’s facing a big enemy at the moment and doesn’t want his friends to get involved and risking their well-being. He’d rather hurt them by giving them this false message rather than possibly seeing them helping him and getting hurt in front of him, like when he saw all his friends reversed. Maybe he’s facing them in a dream like world which is why his both has to be kept still and safe whilst his mind is in battle. But whatever the case, I don’t believe he has no reason to not want to see everyone.

This season has been kinda weird, mainly because I haven’t seen Kai lose this much, in like, ever. It feels rather surreal, and now he’s lost Blaster Blade as well. He needs to go back to Kagero or Narukami. I don’t know about you, but I just don’t ‘feel it’ as much when it’s Kai using anything but dragons. He needs to get back to them. Naoki’s taken over the Narukami role, but surely Kai can go a newer version of Overlord. I’d like that, a Legion Dragonic Overlord. As you may remember, Dragonic Overlord was my only main deck that wasn’t a Misaki deck.

But anyways, more familiar faces next episode. I’m rather interested to see how Leon’s getting on. And Jillian and Sharlene are much missed too I feel.