That Stranded Emotion

Key Events

After Yuzuki’s explanation, Hitoe gets a blurred flashback of her time with Yuzuki and Ruko. But because of that, a shock of pain shoots through her and she faints, ending the duel prematurely. Hitoe is quickly rushed to hospital.

At the hospital, Yuzuki explains further what happened after she won. She met someone called Mayu, who told her that no LRIG was allowed to tell their Selector the truth behind it all, otherwise they’d never escape their card.

Yuzuki decided to continue the Selector and LRIG relationship with Hitoe and although it seemed like Hitoe had no wishes, she somehow battled against the pain and wish to have friends. And so that was her wish again that Yuzuki was going to help accomplish.

Yuzuki got Hitoe to battle and spoke the truth to Ruko in the hope that Hitoe would back out even if it means Yuzuki can never escape. She doesn’t care about anything anymore since she can’t love Kazuki as Yuzuki.

Ruko brings Yuzuki home with her that night whilst Hitoe’s in the hospital, however they make a short stop by Yuzuki’s house to see the fake Yuzuki and Kazuki together as girlfriend and boyfriend so Yuzuki can see that that her wish came ‘true’.

Later that night whilst talking to Tama, Ruko says that she knew nothing about this, she just wanted to battle.

Next day at school, news spreads of Iona’s next fan event, which turns out to be a challenge for all Selectors.


Well, that definitely makes things clearer, an unwritten rule to not to talk about anything otherwise they lose the ability to ever return to the real world. And since Yuzuki’s in that position now, she understands. Who wouldn’t do what they can to live again? You can hardly blame them.

But even though Yuzuki understands why Hanayo deceived her, I still don’t understand why she’s would thank her. She’s, in essence, taken away your boyfriend. Though she did make Yuzuki’s dream come true at least, to a certain degree.

I’m getting a bad feeling that this anime won’t have a happy ending. And annoyingly I just recovered from my depression from the latest episode of Black Bullet as well… But luckily my exams are over. If I watched that Black Bullet episode during exam revision times, I don’t think I’d be able to concentrate on revision for at least a day or two and that’s a lot. I won’t spoil it if you watch Black Bullet, but it was pretty depressing, that’s all I’ll say.

If Ruko likes how things are, then I think her wish should be for her life to stay the same forever, though that would get boring fast and I don’t know how the wish would work. Would time rewind every year or every month or something like that? If so, then that’d be pretty boring, *couch* endless eight *cough*. I think a happy ending I’d like would be that she wishes for things to go back to the way they were before she discovered WIXOSS, and then a short epilogue of her meeting Yuzuki and Hitoe to finish off the series. Either that or her wish could be to destroy the entire system, otherwise any wish would see her end up as a LRIG, so she needs to plan a wish that will benefit her if she turns into a LRIG, at least she has that hindsight now.

Tama not knowing anything could be true, I mean, to start the entire cycle off you’d need to have a LRIG, so Tama could be the very first LRIG that kicked it off. Unlikely though seeing as so many LRIGs have been cycled out, but that could be connected. Tama definitely doesn’t seem like a normal person turned into LRIG. Though I think I’ve mentioned before, neither do a lot of the other LRIGs. Tama’s definitely more interesting now that we know they all should’ve been people with wishes beforehand, and she obviously doesn’t remember a thing. In fact she seems like a new born baby rather than a person who knows things, so she must’ve had an interesting past when she was a human, if she was a human. Like a wish to forget everything because that everything, is a dark past.

Looks like Iona’s doing a Yuzuki, except on the internet, a much wider search using her connections to the fullest. I get the feeling Iona knows what’s going on which is why she doesn’t have a wish and just wants to battle, to enjoy it.

Now that the truth is out, the main question remains is that if Ruko will continue. By the preview it seems she has a wish now. So if it’s what I’m thinking, it will be a wish that will work either against the system, or something to bring everyone back. She knows what needs to be done and I want a happy ending, so I really hope that the three of them are free from all of this by the end.