Island Awaiting the Wind

Key Events

Knowing that they all need training, they think of all the strong fighters left they can contact and one pops up in their head, Leon Souryu. So Ishida gives Leon a call and he invites them to his island.

At the island Leon plays a great host and takes care of everything including the rooms and meals.

After several losses in a row for Ishida and Kamui, Leon instructs them both to reach an islet near the island before he’ll duel them again.

They find it difficult to make it fighting against the current. However after sine thinking and observing Ishida realises that going against the tide won’t get him anywhere, so he plans a way to use the ebb and flow to his advantage and eventually gets there in a roundabout way.

Leon accepts his accomplishment and duels him again. This time it’s much closer but Ishida still loses. However, Ishida may lose a lot, but it’s not always to his detriment as he always gets back up stronger.


Leon actually has quite a nice private Island. Though it still must be pretty far off a coast, so I’m surprised they have reception. That said, they probably have some of their own connection boosters or something, not that I want to go into detail on this unrelated matter.

Brawler, Big Bang Knuckle Buster comes with an upgraded Vermillion and Big Bang Knuckler Dragon effect. The thing I was wondering, as I don’t believe the full effects of the cards are revealed, is that when it says you can attack 4 units, does that mean the attacker chooses the units? I’m assuming so as otherwise it’d be much weaker. But either way, attacking 4 units at once is a huge hit. Will clear half your opponent’s field and deal damage if unblocked, strong, especially with a legion base attack of 20k.

This episode wasn’t that eventful unfortunately, but at least it clears up the question of does Leon know anything, seems so. Another Ren who seems reluctant to talk about what he knows. Explains why Kenji knew nothing, he never had any powers like Leon or Ren. Well, as reluctant as Leon may be, he did welcome them to his island. So at least he’s willing to help, perhaps this is where they’ll obtain more than training and get their next clue.

Was fun seeing Ishida and Kamui using their brains for once rather than just their spirits alone. Twas quite comical and a new card was finally released for Ishida. He had it coming for a while, just a shame he still lost to Leon, but I’m sure with the rest of this training trip he’ll get better enough to give the Quatre Knights another go. Misaki and Kai look to be next on the list for improvements. Kai could definitely do with some cooling off, and he seems to be getting some next episode, albeit forcibly. But still, at least he’s not diving in to save some cards. I think Kai’s always ‘pushing on’ mindset needs to be taken back a notch. And when everything’s said and done, like I’ve said before, I want to see an Overlord Legion. It’s the best time to go back to what he knows with Blaster Blade taken away.