That Choice…

Key Events

Hitoe did listen to Yuzuki’s warnings but it’s only because of that, that she’s fighting on to win and release Yuzuki from her card. Seeing this, Ruko is more determined to win and make her wish come true to release everyone from the cards. Tama is now happy to continue the battle to make Ruko’s wish come true.

After that battle, only Iona remains so Ruko and Hitoe, who decided to tag along, head to the roof to the final battle.

During the battle, the girl that had explained everything to Yuzuki in that white room talks to Tama, trying to turn her against Ruko telling her that Ruko planned to become a LRIG for everyone else’s sake. But Tama is still convinced that Ruko wished to return and hang out with her as well.

As the battle heats up, the collisions and ferocity of the fight breaks down the outer walls of the battle field and they now stand back on top of the roof. Right before the last attack Ruko jumps to Tama’s side but only recites the first part of the oath to become an eterna girl. It turns out Tama saw Ruko’s resolve to never return to the real world and couldn’t turn her into a LRIG. So she never completes the oath.

But even with this loss, conditions for Iona to become an eterna girl have been met and she recites the oath.

Ulith takes over Iona’s body who says to Ruko that they’ll meet again she departs.

Ruko looks down at Tama but only to find Iona’s taken her place.


Well now that’s a nice cliffhanger to end the series. I’m quite happy with this ending, raises so many questions, especially with the preview clips. And I’m also quite happy that the girl that Yuzuki beat during this season, the happy one in episode 6 that I don’t remember the name of, is coming back. I felt she was much more unique than the random other people in the show and that she should’ve been more involved, looks like I was right on that, but it’s hard to be mistaken on that when she’s on the cover of the anime’s promotional picture.

But anyway, I think Iona’s wish is quite clear with everything that’s gone on. Let’s have a look at all the evidence we have. She knew perfectly well she was going to be a LRIG, and seemed quite happy to be literally in the hands of Ruko. She had racked up enough wins already to become a LRIG but lacked one thing. She also loves battling and had been trying to find ‘the one’. I’d say the one was Ruko and the condition was to find ‘the one’ that she’d be happy being the LRIG of so she can enjoy battling forever because she would never turn Ruko into an eterna girl.

What I want to know is firstly where Tama’s been ousted to and why that girl in the white room wanted to put Tama off transforming Ruko into a LRIG. A possible explanation I thought was that if Ruko was to become a LRIG then Iona’s wish can’t come true so the girl, who knew Iona’s wish, was fulfilling her’s because she had already got there ages ago. Another, perhaps more likely reason, is that if Ruko’s wish is granted, it would in effect end the cycle of this game, and if that girl’s the person watching over the game she definitely does not want it to end. And about Tama, well that simply to me was just a prerequisite to fulfill Iona’s wish so she’s probably gone to another selector as proved by Midoriko’s appearance, you can transfer selectors. To a new character perhaps that will appear next season. Either that or she’s been isolated by that girl somewhere.

Even still, it feels that her connection with Tama is also something that needs to be looked into. Tama knows her, and she obviously knows Tama being able to call out to her. It may not be a surprise since Tama must’ve met her to be turned into a LRIG, but the anime is obviously implying a much closer relationship. I felt that the relationship was almost a mother and child one. I’m probably alone on that thought, but we’ll see.

I’m surprised that Hitoe managed to think of friends during the duel and even, by the looks of it, remake friends with Ruko and Yuzuki. Her tainted wish seems to have let up a bit. The, anyone that has potential to be your friend will cause you pain, has definitely gone out the window. Not a bad thing, but I’d rather like an explanation, that’s not it was her determination and give me that typical shounen willpower solves everything explanation.

Well, Ruko had to take it to the last episode to be fully decided on what she wanted to do. And as I said last episode, ironically, it was Tama who stopped her resolve. She had her chance with Tama, but unfortunately it looks like she won’t get that chance again. Unless she can locate Tama and convince her to win again.

Glad to see that the anime hasn’t ended, having thrown this much into the air and a pretty intense episode, I’d be amazed that they don’t continue it. And of course a second season has been announced. I think I may save my overall review until then since I’ve written quite a lot for this episode anyway. What I will say though is that, the anime’s been alright. I feel that there were many things that didn’t make sense and there wasn’t much clarity on a lot of ‘rules’ that the story revolve around. Also I found contradictions here and there, but I’d say I still like it, the best parts have been the surprising cliffhangers that drops a bombshell out of nowhere and I liked those surprises. Especially if they line up everything else to make more sense.

With that said, I’ll be watching the second season and likelihood is I’ll probably blog it, unless there’s something much better on that season.

Note: On an off topic note, I’ve updated my about authors section with what I believe the type of blogger I am. Very small update, take a look if you want and see if you agree, cos I took an entire lunch time to think of it…