Kai’s Will

Key Events

Kamui and Ishida continue their training moving onto card drawing.

Kai’s still thinking too much about Aichi resulting in him being pushed into the water by Jillian and Sharlene to cool off.

Misaki’s worrying about Kourin, but some words of comfort from Leon settles her down. She duels Leon later to try and become stronger to meet Kourin again.

Leon approaches Kai, duels him and manages to win very easily seeing that Kai’s lost his spirit. Wrapped up in his thoughts, Kai’s pushed into the water by Jillian and Sharlene yet again.

After countless thoughts, wavering decisions and conversations with others. Kai finally makes his decision to chase Aichi once more, this time it’s his own will to do this, he switches back to to Kagero!

With renewed resolve and improved decks, everyone leaves Leon’s island to try and save Aichi once more.


So this was indeed Aichi’s choice, a painful choice by the sounds of it. Again though, no clue given as to what exactly this choice is. Sixteen episode in and we still don’t seem to be getting any closer to an answer. Which is fine, they’re revealing it slowly, at least we’ve now confirmed that it was completely Aichi’s choice. That makes me more interested in what this choice is as it’s gotta be something ‘big’ to just brush aside all your friends and sit atop a lonely throne.

But I’m not too bothered about that this episode, of course you may have already guessed what I’m most excited about this episode. It is of course Kai going back to Kagero! I knew Kai couldn’t last on Royal Paladins for too long, it’s too unbecoming of him, the dragons were calling. Now they’re back and surely the card that we saw has to be an Overlord Legion, though whatever it is, being a Kagero fan, I really want to see it regardless. I haven’t been this excited for the anime for a long time.

I love the ‘training’ for card games. It’s always only ever been two things, either playing the game, the normal one you’d expect, or practice drawing cards. You think about what they can actually train in physically and the only thing is card drawing or putting cards down. Both, to be fair, are done overdramatically so training is necessary to make it look overdramatic.

It was a very calm episode that cleared up a few things and also cleared up Kai’s mind. Was quite comical too, Kai never lost his cool at all, even after pushed into the water. A lot of feelings explored, and some good character development. Not a lot more, but that’s all I wanted. Back to the fight next episode.