Gateway to the Sanctuary

Key Events

Ishida spots Moress after school one day and follows him to a new entrance to the sanctuary. He later informs everyone else about it and they all head there and finally enter the sanctuary.

Cera is the first to greet them and tells them that Aichi is sealed here, but they must defeat all of the Quatre Knights in the sanctuary in order to free him. He doesn’t mind telling them this as they won’t be defeated, and what’s more is that if anyone loses here, the ‘judgment’ will wipe all memories of Aichi. But no one backs down and Ishida steps up first.

Cera decides to tell Ishida his story. He is part of a huge wealthy family in South America and there are a lot of in-fighting because everyone is vying for power. They decide their fights through Vanguard, the winners takes everything the loser has who is also thrown out of the family to fend for themselves.


Well, first thing, even if it’s a trap, there’s not much you can do apart from spring it. You have nothing else to work on and I’d still count it as a clue even if it’s a trap. So unless you want to be twiddling your thumbs for longer, you need to make your move. Besides, what’s the worst that can happen? A duel? It’s not like we haven’t been doing that for the past hundred something episodes.

And after all that suspicion in the end it was just Moress slipping up. Can’t say I expected that, was kinda a letdown with how easily they got into the sanctuary, after this much secrecy and build up. You’d think they’d have some safeguards in the room, like a locked door at least. It’s just a spare room in an underground parking lot that anyone can access. Which of course isn’t the safest location to be hiding a secret entrance to an important place. Too confident perhaps that no one would notice. Well, so much for sneakiness from Moress.

An interesting revelation this episode, the fact that Aichi is actually sealed in the sanctuary, which suggests contradictorily that Aichi may not be there of his own choice, i.e. that the Quatre Knights captured and sealed him there. Though of course, let’s not rule out the possibility of this all being Aichi’s doing to make sure no one disturbs him whatever he’s doing. But it definitely adds more interest to the plot. And I still stand by my theory of it all being a test.

Also, did Cera change decks? I’m pretty sure he used Musketeers, which I liked, but he’s now on Granblue? I’m disappointed…

But anyway, the main thing is will Ishida win? This fight is very hard to pin down now that we’ve had our shounen power up episodes and that they’ve upped the ante. I think the main question is if everyone will have to discover themselves once more to beat the Quatre Knights or was the last training session be enough? I think they can easily stretch this for another good half a season, even if it’s all wins for Kai, until Aichi’s rescue to end this arc so I can see potential for them to do it now and still have enough time for a long ‘boss’ fight of some sort too. I don’t mind whichever way it goes, though I just want to know what’s going on now. They’ve used the mystery as a premise for the duels for the entire season. I don’t think they’ve thrown out enough hints along the way to make it interesting, that said, it is still a mystery that I’m interested in seeing solved. I don’t think they can stretch the interest for many more episodes before people are bored.

A final thing I’ll comment on is something that they hinted heavily this episode and I think you all noticed as well. That there were some long ‘shots’ of the moon especially when they teleported to the sanctuary. I may be dense sometimes, but even I can’t miss a hint here. Is the anime trying to say that the sanctuary is on the moon? But I can’t really think of any implications that would make that matter. Unless the moon has or is an entrance to Cray which would imply a lot more.