The World of Guns

Key Events

A year has passed since the events of Aincrad and a popular new game has popped up, Gun Gale Online, a game where people can make real life money. So there are ‘pros’ i.e. gamers who make a living out of the game.

However some incidents occur where a person calling himself Death Gun, who talk about being ‘judging’ other, start killing people in real life by shooting them in the game.

Kikuoka Seijirou wants to investigate this and so calls on Kirito to help with the offer of paying him for his services. And Kirito by the looks of it, is enticed into it.

On a separate nice day in the real world, Kirito and Asuna go for nice stroll together, just the two of them.


Well, it was a pleasant slow relaxing episode back into the anime. But they didn’t waste any time in getting to the point of this series with a short display at the start of the episode and a thorough explanation over some cakes and coffee. It does set the plot nicely and coupled with the return of Asuna and Kirito, it is a good start of the season episode. The focus here I feel was Kirito and Asuna, which I find ironic considering I don’t believe Asuna has a big part to play in this arc, which was part of the reason why I wasn’t that as interested, as well as the world being all about guns. But I could be misinformed, although I don’t think I am.

I would be disappointed if Asuna and the rest of the old cast don’t return, surely they must in some form. I’d rather it not just be that new girl and Kirito. Though just from her short screen time this episode she, for me, has already proven to be an interesting person. I wonder if they’ll reveal who she is in real life and her story, from the way she talks and how she acts, it feels like she has a story to tell. I mean it could just be the way she plays, however it’s very likely that it’s more than that.

I loved the iGlass conference thing, especially as apple would probably do that in the future at some point if and when VR takes off. I’m hoping it does and that when it happens I’m still alive to be a part of it and enjoy it.

I like that the ending sequence showed Kirito using a lightsaber thing, that has my hopes up he won’t be using guns. Swords, as I’ve mentioned before, are definitely more my thing. Still though, it wouldn’t be right if he didn’t use guns at all. So I’d like to see some good swordsmanship for the main part and maybe a gunshot here or there for some style points. Either way, I find it hard to believe he’ll be able to investigate anything with his poor gun skills and I don’t see him becoming a master gunman at any point so he has to augment it somehow. With his data from everything else, swords are the perfect choice.

I hadn’t planned to blog this actually, was more looking towards Hamatora. But after this first episode I have to say I’m very intrigued by it and first impressions are good. Although I haven’t seen Hamatora’s first episode yet, I get the feeling that I’ll enjoy this more. My feelings are rarely wrong, especially for myself on anime. So I’ll follow it to the end of the world.