Manly Big Bang

Key Events

Cera reveals more about what went on with Aichi and the Quatre Knights preseason. Apparently after the Link Joker event, Aichi sought out strong fighters to protect his sealed self and Cera was one of the chosen ones. He made the decision to leave his family’s internal strife and join Aichi to start a new life.

Ishida remembers his training of changing tactics to suit the situation back with Leon and alters his strategy to take down Cera.


More revealed on Aichi and what happened preseason. Turns out the Quatre Knights were formed by invitation only. Now my question is why seek out people who you’ve never met before to be your guardians, for what seems to be a very important mission, when you’ve already got trusted strong fighters by your side? I know I’ve said this a million times by now, but I still think this points to a test for Kai and group.

Well, if it is a test, they’re passing it with flying colours now. One down and 3 more to go, though likely 4 as I’m assuming Kourin will duel, plus there are 5 of Kai’s group, I don’t think they’ll leave one person out of a duel.

They’ll push onwards and I think as each duel goes by we’ll probably be given a bit of information as to what happened pre season with Aichi and why it’s happened. Though I’m assuming they’ll leave the main chunk of the explaining to Aichi and just drop a hints. That’d be the best way to ‘play’ this.

With Cera opening this eyes at the end it made me wonder about something. Since this entire thing could be a test, the whole make you forget about Aichi thing could just be a huge bluff to see if Kai’d back off or if they have the courage to continue. All part of the test. As maybe at that point Aichi believed their resolve should be enough to win against the Quatre Knights? Well, at least this part will easily be cleared next episode when Cera moves again, if he does. But either way, it looks like his story about the seal seems to be true so at least we know that whatever happens, 4 wins and we’ll get to the bottom of it, or 5 rather.

And I think we all learnt an important lesson today, flowery musketeers are much better than pirate zombies.