With this week’s SOTW I want to take everyone back more than a decade ago. After scanning through all my SOTWs, I’ve realised something, of all the anime from my childhood, I have blogged about the English OPs of all of them apart from Digimon. I’ve done the likes of the original Beyblade, Cardcaptors, Pokemon and Yu Gi Oh English OPs but for some reason I’ve completely skipped out Digimon. And that needs to be rectified. So, here is the first dub OP for Digimon Adventures.

Digimon was as big a part of my childhood as any of the other mentioned anime, in fact at one point I actually preferred Digimon over Pokemon, though I can’t remember why, it might’ve been the whole computer thing, in fact I remember really wanting a laptop purely because of Izzy. Needless to say I never got one at the age of 9. I also liked the fact that they didn’t ‘evolve’ permanently and can change back. But of course now, partially because of Pokemon’s longevity I much prefer that. Though that said I still watch the new seasons of Digimon whenever they are available but only in dub though for old times sake.

Those were some good times the times when the Digimon levels matter, now they mean nothing… It was a simple way of judging a Digimon’s strength and potential that I really liked. I don’t know why they removed it, well it comes back now and then, or rather they make mentions of it now and then but it’s never been that benchmark of power again. I suppose it’s just a new way of doing things, but still, I liked the original, though I guess most people do.

Oh and an interesting thing I noticed on the Digimon movie, there was a scene when Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon was facing Diaboromon and Tai hit his computer resulting in this computer crashing and Wargreymon stopped moving. Reminds me so much of online gaming now, damn the dc…

Also, just for fun, see below for the digi-rap.