Steel Will

Key Events

As the group advance they are sectioned off and Miwa, Misaki and Kamui are separated into different rooms facing off against individual Quatre Knight members whilst Kai and Ishida walk around aimlessly. Miwa vs Neve, Miwaki vs Rati and Kamui vs Gaillard.

This episodes shows us Miwa vs Neve.

Neve gives his backstory as a person who went into vanguard to become a champion for his country to stop the conflict that was happening there. Everything was peaceful until Link Joker arrived and turned everyone in his country against him. Aichi was the hero that saved everyone.

Miwa loses, but at least knows why Aichi is sealed here. Although vague, it’s so that war doesn’t occur in the world again.

Miwa is sent back to the real world without his memories. Meanwhile, Kai and Ishida keep walking closer and closer to Aichi.


And here I thought it’d be smooth sailing from now on with win after win. But I guess that’d be too smooth and a little predictable. This throws a curveball and makes us second guess who’ll win their next duels. Also if everyone wins now it’d be too quick of a turnaround. But if anyone was going to lose out of their group it was probably Miwa, if you think about it, he is the least ‘important’ out of all of them. Everyone else has had major roles at some point, Miwa never did.

Another interesting thing I found was that they have closable gates, now the obvious choice would be to close up shop and lock them out. But where’s the fun in that? Of course they let them continue, and by how the anime’s doing it, it seems the new route’s leading them to Aichi. Makes me wonder how big this sanctuary place is, and why is it so big and full of empty corridor space. Big spaces equals grandeur perhaps?

So, a mention of war, that’s definitely interesting. Raises many questions, but at least we’re getting closer to the answer, even if they’re not. With this war, I can only think of that he himself is a barrier of sorts to stop an invading army, which doesn’t really explain anything apart from why he has to be there. Though I guess that’s what we came for… either way, it’s no doubt I’d like to hear more. In this war he’s fighting, he’s probably doing the typical stand in the frontline thing to hold everyone off. And because of some reason he has to do that whilst locked up. I suppose it’ll just be one of those he has to be isolated for the barrier to be strong enough and funnel all his energy into maintaining it things. But then some big friendship speech after a duel will make Aichi reconsider and let his friends join in the defence. That’s what I predict. Though I’m much more interested in who this new enemy is.

With Miwa back on earth and no memory of what just happened, that would mean Cera’s forgotten everything too? But what I want to know is why wasn’t he teleported to earth as well. Unless memory judgment only works on non-quatre four members which is slightly unfair. Either that or it’s because Ishida only said ‘judgment’ and not ‘memory judgment’, as stupid as that sounds.

Whatever, at least Miwa took it like a man, and laughed his way back to earth. Really hope I don’t see Misaki lose again… Could happen though…