Memories of Blood

Key Events

After school whilst shopping, Sinon is taken by some bullies who demands money from her. They seem to know about her past and triggers a mental trauma by pretending to point a gun at her. Luckily Sinon’s friend is nearby and rescues her. They head to a nearby cafe and chat about GGO.

Sinon later heads home alone, she lives alone in a flat. Her father died when she was 2, after that they moved out of Tokyo to live with her grandparents. Everything was fine until an armed robber tried to rob a bank that she and her mum was at. There, trying to defend her mum she managed to get the gun from the robber and kills him. Since then the scene of blood and death left a mental scar so even a picture of a gun would send her into a panic attack.

Her friends suggested GGO as therapy, but in game, guns have no effect on her.

Kirito tells Asuna about his plans to stop ALO for a few days to research GGO. Kirito heads to the designated place later where he’ll be monitored by the nurse in charge of his rehab whilst in the game.

We are shown a glimpse of who the anime implies is Death Gun, and his next target is Sinon.


I certainly didn’t expect this to be a background story episode. I thought they’d go into the action now all guns blazing. I’m not sure how I feel, I had assumed they’d want to give the audience what they want sooner, i.e. seeing Kirito in GGO, rather than setting up the insides of the story. It feels like they’re trying to create more interest in this season with the characters, which is understandable considering many, who don’t read the light novels and don’t know the story, are expecting to see Asuna appear. So I suppose it’s actually not surprising they’re trying to gain some interest from the fans of the new female lead for this season as we’re gonna be seeing a lot of her from now on. Still though, I feel that it might’ve been better to continue with the action whilst we had a good taste of it or catch a glimpse of Kirito in GGO. My preferences probably don’t speak for the majority of SAO fans out there though.

Continuing on with the topic of backstory, I had a different idea of her backstory. It would’ve been similar, expect the ending where she shot the robber would’ve been the robber shooting her mum/father. A mental scar is usually draws more sympathy if someone was killed, not by your own hands. I thought it felt as though her instincts kicked in to kill. Which I feel may explain why she’s good in GGO and not affected by guns there. A virtual environment where it’s okay to kill, if her instincts are right, then that’s the perfect place to be. But that’s getting too deep into psychology that have no knowledge of.

Another question I have is why is Sinon’s targeted by who the anime’s implied to be Death Gun, considering she’s not that well know by the sounds of it. Is it because she beat Behemoth? That’s what I’d hedge my bets on, news travels pretty fast online. Reminds me of when Yugi beat Kaiba in the first episode of and news travelled very fast to get Pegasus’ attention.

So, I wonder how the player creation works. From the sounds of it, Kirito needs to reset his account to join another game, or something along those lines. That itself doesn’t surprise me as all the games came from the seed so all accounts should be connected in some way. However I thought you’d be able to create multiple accounts or characters or games, isn’t that what Asuna said? So I want to know what they were talking about when she said that he’ll lose all his items to join the other game. I don’t quite understand how it works, but surely the items aren’t the biggest worry as you can give them to Asuna for safekeeping. But more importantly why would he reset if he can create a new account. Though actually, I suppose stats do transfer considering that’s what happened when Kirito came from SAO to ALO.

To continue on the point of character creation, I had assumed that you should, as I said in the paragraph above, be able to create multiple characters. I know the feeling of when you first join a game and don’t know what to level up and mess up your points. Surely there’s either a reset available or you can create a new character. By the way that Sinon’s friend was talking it seems like there isn’t. Either that or he can’t be bothered restarting from scratch. Probably the latter.

Anyway, now that the stage is nicely set and it has been a nice build up to the game, I’m expecting them to launch into the action next episode or at least launch into the game. I don’t see what else you can do to stall it. Kirito’s now in game, there’s nothing more in the real world left.