What Doesn’t Change

Key Events

This time, we get Rati’s backstory. She used to travel the world with her Dad selling donuts, staying at any one place for no more than a week. One day she receives a vanguard deck and since then she’s always looked for fighters first whenever she arrives at a new place. She fell in love with the image of Cray, and the beautiful scenery.

But that was ruined when Link Joker attacked, until Aichi defeated them. And because of that she’d do anything for Aichi.

Whilst Misaki vs Rati continues, Ishida and Kai still wander the sanctuary hallways.

Misaki’s friendship speeches fail to reach Rati and Misaki is defeated leading to her loss of memory.


I now see why she likes donuts so much, it’s very hard to not to love something you loved eating as a kid, and agewise she’s probably still a kid. I know that as I still love this black sesame sweet I used to eat when I was 7 in China and whenever I go back or someone else goes back they would always bring my back boxes of them. They’re so sweet that it takes a while to eat them all but they’re nice and full of nostalgia. Still though, that’s a lot of sugar and fat for a kid and I wouldn’t recommend giving a seemingly endless supply of donuts to anyone who can’t hold themselves back.

After hearing her story, it seems to me that she’s an unproven duelist. I thought she’d competed in big tournaments and won which is what attracted Aichi towards her. But from her backstory there’s nothing being mentioned apart from that she beat everyone she saw, which is not difficult if you’re one of the better players out there. Maybe something was said at another time.

What I’m surprised and impressed with is Rati’s resilience to friendship speeches. Even Kaiba gave in a little but she didn’t budge. Though I think Misaki left her mark, softened up for next time. She was tilting towards the friendship side slightly at the end. And after all that talking I’d say it’s okay for Rati to lose. All she’d forget is Aichi and not Cray, which is what she loves about the game. So it’s a no lose situation for her, but it’s a lose everything situation for Misaki. Unfortunately it’s the latter that happened.

Two losses and a third probably coming up, looks like they may have to try again. In which case why have Ishida win? To give the audience some hope that they can actually win and make it more unpredictable? If so, fine, though that’s probably not the reason. Or maybe they’re leaving him to be the one left to remind everyone of Aichi when everyone else loses. Or, this is probably likely, he and Kai beats everyone to free Aichi, at least beat another one. I don’t think the new deck of Kai will lose, at least not straight away. That may just be my wishful thinking though.

I don’t expect Kamui to win this one, I don’t expect Gaillard to lose to anyone apart from Kai. But who knows, I’m more interested in where they’re leading Ishida and Kai. Also, what’s happened to Cera? I’m still expecting more from him.