Vow of the Blue Flames

Key Events

Kamui loses from a 3 crit attack resulting in him sent back down to earth without his memories.

Kai and Ishida finally get to the room where Aichi is only to be greeted by Gaillard who informs them that the other three have been defeated. Kai will duel him next.

And now we get Gaillard’s backstory. He lost everything in a fire and was placed in a house with others in similar circumstances. There, after being a loner for so long, he slowly opened up and enjoyed playing Vanguard with others. But everything changed when the Link Joker event started. So needless to say, he has a bone to pick with Kai and is grateful to Aichi for stopping everything.


As you know, I didn’t expect Kamui to win and I was right. In fact he was so insignificant that the show didn’t bother showing the entire duel, that hasn’t happened for quite a while and just shows how much the show didn’t care about him, and to be fair I’d agree. Athough he may have been brushed aside too easily, still though nothing unexpected.

With this episode everyone’s backstories have been shown. Whilst all of them were quite short and were nothing really out of the ordinary. They all revolved around how Link Joker ruined their lives and Aichi being their savior. I didn’t find anything particularly deep but it does bring out a bit more depth to them and I suppose you can’t expect too much from a TCG anime. And we also now know what they’re fighting for.

I was thinking, after hearing that the other three had been defeated could they have made a tactical retreat to get them to remember again and then launched their next attack after more training? They’ve taken down one and made progress. Though I believe that would’ve been a good option, Gaillard probably wouldn’t have let them escape. That said, it seems losing is the only way off the sanctuary anyway, either that or win all the way.

Doesn’t matter, I get to see Kai’s new deck now, I’m happy. Though looks like we won’t see the bulk of it until next episode with all that healing going on.

I laughed at young Gaillard’s voice, found it quite funny. He certainly doesn’t sound as intimidating. I imagined his voice to be lower than that. Surprised he can actually sound like a kid, helps in his more human side, as so far he just reminds me of Ulquiorra, too serious and undistracted for his own good.

In the end, they weren’t leading Kai and Ishida anywhere. They were merely stalling for time until the other three were defeated. I feel kinda disappointed, thought a trap was coming up. Then again, the only trap they can spring is a duel so whatever the case it would’ve ended up the same. Oh well, I’d hoped there was a better reason for the maze of hallways, nevermind.