Key Events

Kirito enters the game to find out he’s a high pitched long haired person who’s instantly mistaken for a girl by a guy who wants to buy his account as his avatar is a rare one.

He later gets lost and meets Sinon to ask for directions. He knows that she thinks he’s a girl and so decides to act like one. She walks him to market for weapons. She explains the difference between physical and energy weapons and advises a physical weapon for PvP. However since he just started he has no money, only 1000 credits. Sinon tells him about a game that people play to earn money, like a gambling thing.

The game is a NPC at the end of a narrow straight will shoot at you, and the objective is to dodge everything and tag the NPC, if you do, you win all the money that has been previously put in. There’s over 300k credits and someone else challenges it first. The guy fails but Kirito thinks he’s learnt enough to try. And as you would expect Kirito’s reflexes are more than enough to earn him the pot.

After some window shopping Kirito notices they have swords, in the form of an energy saber, which he purchases without hesitation. He also buys a gun for distraction purposes on the advice of Sinon.

However after they exit the market they realise they only have 5 minutes to register for BoB which happens to be 3km away. Kirito hires out a buggy and races there at top speed.


So, does this mean you can’t choose your appearance when you log in? It seems like that there are only set looks in the form of ‘models’ you can choose from and they’re can be like accessory items you buy to look nicer. Though I think that sounds like what goes on in MMOs now, surely customization must’ve advanced by the time VR comes in. So that there’s not just a set of generic faces walking around.

Either way, Kirito’s new model is hilarious. That voice on its own is enough to make me laugh, makes me wonder why that creepy guy wanted to buy the account. Perhaps for rarity reasons, or he just wants to look nice and be mistaken for a girl all the time…

Speaking of getting his name out there, I’d say he’s already made a good start and whilst his reaction speed helped, I’d say it’s more because of his ‘cute’ looks. I do quite like his hair, why does a guy have nice hair like that. Still, that acting was great in a fun way. I wonder when he’ll reveal the truth to Sinon and her reactions to it, probably won’t be as dramatic as Leafa finding out that they’re siblings.

Also, one more thing about the Kirito ‘being’ a girl thing. Sinon said that there weren’t many girls in the game, however if Kirito had the fear that he may have been a girl, that implies it’s not impossible for a male in real life to become a female in game. Which of course happens normally in today’s MMOs, but seems rather contrasting to Sinon and Kirito’s actions, as Sinon’s made it seem like only real life girls can be girls in game by saying that there aren’t many girls, as I’m sure guys would make female characters. Or maybe Kirito was just weary that the government pulled some strings and made him a girl as it’s not usually doable, for the lols I guess if you’re looking for a reason…

Sinon’s a bit much, too much for a non-gun person like myself. I felt my eyes roll and my attention waning a bit. But it was interesting, to a point, when my attention was there, even if everything’s going over my head. Kirito got lucky befriending Sinon, someone who’s literally a walking encyclopedia, otherwise he may be struggling. Even with his quick reactions and sword skills, it’s still hard to dodge a large amount of bullets at close range, having the right gun is useful, and knowing how to use it.

Right, I think I get this converting thing. He converted his main account from another game to carry over stats and skills, I guess since it all comes from one source all stats are the same. Would skills from other games be compatible though, like his dual wield? This would explain why he didn’t want to create a new account, especially as he needs his stats for getting into BoB.

I’m loving the energy sword ‘cough’ lightsabers ‘cough’. Not surprising for Kirito to bring that sort of weapon to a gun fight, if they’re anything like the ‘real’ thing he’ll be bouncing bullets back and killing everyone all the same. Though that’d probably be going too far down the copyright infringement route, the sound effects are already similar. But I’ll leave all that legal business for the producers. I would however like Kirito to do some Yoda moves, would fun.