With the announcement of the new Digimon sequel to the original, I feel that I should’ve blogged the Digimon theme now, but nevermind, one can never really predict what’s going to happen can one now?

Right, I’m a little tipsy writing this, but I feel that adds a little uniqueness to this blog, somehow, probably the alcohol talking. Either way, I’m falling back to my old method of random selection through my itunes for this one, well, I say random but I skip songs I’m not that fond of or if they’re too recent as I’m trying to pull some older ones off the shelf for dusting off. And I found one that fits the description nicely. An OP from a fairly old anime with a manga ending that definitely left much to be desired. Leaving it very vague there on purpose, here’s School Rumble’s first OP, Scramble by Yui Horie with UNSCANDAL.

I’ll be honest here, I’ve never actually read the manga, but I have read spoilers in how they ended it and, not spoiling anything, I was quite disappointed that it was left so open. Almost as though it was teasing the idea of a continuation. But after this many years and no sign of one, I doubt it’s gonna happen. Still, quite disappointing, enough so that I don’t believe I’ll ever read the manga. May change in the future, who knows, but for now time isn’t really on my side so I can’t spare some for reading it anyway.

However, I recently, by that I mean literally about a few minutes ago found out there was a nice ending for the male lead. So, I may change my mind sooner than I though. Either way, this is a fun song and I loved it, I hope you do too.