Flames of Perdition

Key Events

Kai’s flames burn brighter than Gaillard’s this time and he comes out with a win. However after the fight they are boxed in by a wall of ice as Cera makes his move.

Having Moress lead everyone here and losing to Ishida was all part of his plan. He seeks to break the seals himself but knowing that 4 seals would be too much he waited until others of the Quatre Knights were defeated and now with only 2 seals left, he easily breaks them and awakens Aichi.


I was absolutely right to expect more from Cera, and whilst it’s extremely unfair memory judgment doesn’t work on the Quatre Knights, I kinda saw that coming. They’re on home ground, I thought they should probably have some unfair advantage like that. Either way, it seems like they’ve all played into Cera’s trap. In fairness he definitely was the most likely one to pull something as he seems to owe Aichi the least, if anything.

Still though, what is he trying to pull? That I have no clue. We’re still not any much closer to an answer as to why Aichi was sealed in the first place, so to even try and guess what Cera’s plan is would be next to impossible. However there are some small clues, i.e. Aichi has woken up with a red aura, which could imply that he’s reversed. Was he perhaps fighting off the remnants of Link Joker alone and any disruption would mean that Link Joker wins? Could be the answer seeing as Cera didn’t really have any traumatizing or sad moments relating to Link Joker. With Cera’s background he has always been a person that’s vying for power, freeing Aichi and even calling him ‘king’ could easily have something to do with world domination.

This ties in nicely with what Gaillard said about bringing the world to destruction again. As by the looks of it, undoing the seals sends Aichi down a ‘dark’ route. With the strongest fighter buried in darkness, it could very well bring about the destruction of the world. But if Gaillard just told them straight with the consequences of ‘freeing’ Aichi, Kai and group may backed down. Instead they made it seem like they were the bad guys keeping Aichi locked up in a prison, so it’s not surprising everyone will come to rescue him. Then again, I suppose they didn’t expect everyone’s memories to return. An explanation would’ve been much better than keeping it secret and have misunderstandings after they had known their memories were back though. Though again, we still don’t know all the facts, so there’s probably a very good reason for all the secrecy, or at least there better be.

Kai’s new deck, as expected, is pretty good and gives him a win. A guaranteed Vermillion attack during the main phase, not to mention including damage that negates trigger effects and not even needing to limit break. That sounds pretty op and hard to play against. You either need to win fast or you’ll lose the war of attrition. I can’t remember the card’s name so I haven’t actually checked out the card myself yet, but at least from what I saw, it’s quite good. Although the actual duel seems to revolve around who can speak about Aichi more loudly and passionately… But you knew it was pretty much over when Gaillard’s three crit attack didn’t hit. Also, Kai made judgment look cool.