I am in a great mood today, because I’m finally on holiday, after seeing so many of my colleagues go off on their holidays to exotic, weird and wonderful places whilst I’ve been working away it’s at last my turn. I’m off to sunny, hopefully, Geneva for a few days. Which needless to say blogs will either be extremely rare or nonexistent whilst I’m there, more likely to be the latter. But as always it’ll be done. However before I go I must get this SOTW done so I prepared it early and it was written on the train back home two days ago on Friday.

This week’s SOTW came about when I was reminded of exam results whilst discussing high school exam scores with a friend earlier this week and one anime came across my mind whilst talking about that, it’s the one and only Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu. So this week, I give you Perfect-area Complete by Asou Natsuko.

A very enjoyable anime with interesting battle mechanics relying on test grades and hilarious comical antics bordering on the ludicrous. Is how I’d describe the anime in a sentence. I highly recommend it, I feel it can be enjoyed by anyone. Unless you don’t enjoy some fun craziness. In which case I’d say stay away. But otherwise give it a look if you haven’t already.