Interrupted Sleep

Key Events

After waking Aichi, Cera retreats to meet with Neve and convince him to face Aichi. Meanwhile, the closing doors send Rati on a wild goose chase.

Gaillard explains to Kai what had happened when Aichi won against Link Joker. Something buried itself deep inside Aichi at that point, the ‘seed’ that can revive Link Joker. The seed will jump to the person who defeats the person that it has possessed so that it grows stronger each time. The only way to stop it from spreading, is to seal it. To do that, Aichi approached 4 of the top fighters in the world to protect the seals. He didn’t choose Kai and group because they weren’t as strong.

Neve arrives by Aichi and challenges him.

Meanwhile, Gaillard teams up with Kai and Ishida and try to break through the ice together.


And 23 episodes into the series we get the truth. Basically Link Joker’s a parasite that’s latched itself onto Aichi and he’s sealed himself to stop himself from being possessed and to stop the spread of it. I still don’t understand why he couldn’t have told Kai and group about it. Maybe Kai and group wouldn’t want him to go and would’ve keep trying to find alternate ways to deal with the problem which wouldn’t work. So I guess Aichi probably thought memory loss was the best option. However looking at Kai now, I think he may be willing to seal Aichi if that’s what he truly wants and then search for another way in the meantime. Perhaps another thing is that Aichi’s resolve may waver if all his friends are begging him not to go. I dunno, I think he should’ve trusted his friends and himself more that he can survive this ordeal.

Well, I was wrong about most things, though I was right that Aichi looked reversed last episode, it indeed has something to do with Link Joker. Not the way I expected it though, not that I was hoping for anything in particular, but I have to say, this was just a little lacklustre.

I see this as a good opportunity to bring back Link Joker cards after their prolonged absence. They can’t leave a clan out completely. I think we’re going to be going back to the old reversed times with Neve fighting this seemingly already lost battle.

So if this seed keeps jumping around the place it can never really be gotten rid of then? They need to think of a way to destroy it at the source, which seems impossible. I felt Aichi was planning to sacrifice himself to grow old and die with the seed so that it never escaped, died with him and sealed forever. Perhaps there’s a way to catch it whilst mid flight after a defeat? I feel that’s probably their best shot at getting rid of it. Or perhaps someone can harbor it within them and contain it, like Kai? He’s probably strong enough and he had accepted Link Joker before so would be compatible at least. Perhaps Takuto can return somehow and offer a solution as evil Takuto may be ‘good’ now. I still think the only way is to catch it midway.

Makes me wonder what Cera wants. I’ve said it before that he’s always been a ‘conquerer’ to fight and rise to the top of his family. So I don’t think it fits his character to bow to a ‘king’. He must be planning to use Aichi. If I was going with the obvious, I’d say the usual take over the world stuff with Aichi doing all the work with him pulling the strings. But with how strong and uncontrollable Aichi is I feel that’s probably not it. Whatever it is, Aichi is surely the centerpiece, a most interesting centerpiece at this rate.