Aichi Awakens

Key Events

During Neve’s match, his feelings do seem to reach Aichi and his old self shows up here and there. But ultimately Link Joker Aichi is not undermined and wins the duel.

Meanwhile, Cera confronts Rati and fights her to undo the final seal. Cera’s reason for wanting to release the seals is because he wants Link Joker’s power. Evidenced as he himself has switched to Link Joker.

Back in the ice prison, two friendly faces in Ren and Leon break down the walls to free Kai and group.


Cera’s motive was a little too clear from the start, he wanted power. Though I still don’t quite understand how he’ll obtain it. The obvious way I feel is to beat Aichi and obtain Link Joker’s power for himself. Though that feels like it’s going against what he wants to do as he’d be possessed. And also he still referred to Aichi as King.

He has however switched to Link Joker, but that seems like his habit rather than actually wanting to stay as Link Joker because he’s used 3 different decks for 3 different duels. I don’t doubt that he’ll stick with Link Joker, but still seems very indecisive.

I guess he’ll just use Link Joker and maybe even ‘accept’ it into him like Kai but follow Aichi around as the guy doing all the stuff, again, like Kai. Still, with how the ‘seed’ works, it doesn’t feel like there’s any way he can obtain the ‘ultimate’ Link Joker power without completely submitting to its will. Perhaps he has something planned that we don’t know about.

Another thing I had wanted to mention was why Neve wasn’t reversed. If I was to guess I’d say it’s because Rati’s seal is still there so Link Joker’s powers haven’t returned completely. Aichi was also regaining his old self, so maybe his Link Joker powers haven’t completely taken over him. This would be the best time to get Aichi back. Still, with how the seed works, I still can’t think of a ‘normal’ way to go about freeing Aichi. Although I’m sure friendship will probably find a way. And now that Kai’s free, their friendship guy is ready to go.

Also lastly, good to see Ren and Leon unfortunately I get the feeling that they’re not staying long but at least they’ve said hi. And I love how this episode is titled Aichi Awakens yet it seems like he just went back to sleep.