Crimson Memories

Key Events

A quick intermission as Kirito has some dinner with Suguha before BoB’s main event.

Kirito still has memories of the people he killed in SAO and it’s heavily weighing on his heart. However after a counselling chat with his rehab nurse, he feels much better.

Everyone else in ALO has already found out about Kirito’s BoB’s tournament, and so decides to take a break to watch.

Back into GGO, Kirito and Sinon gets ready for the main event.


A rather pleasant interlude for some character development and take a break from all the gun fighting action. Although I have to admit this was earlier than I expected, but I guess if they’re going to do it it would be now between the qualifiers and the main tournament, there probably won’t be another break. At least I don’t expect another one as I’m expecting them to take the tournament to the end. Unless the tournament has a break halfway, which could be logical depending on how the tournament is laid out.

Unexpected but not unwelcome. I didn’t think we’d see Sinon in real life as often so it’s good that we do see her a bit more and also see her slowly breaking out of her ‘shell’ from that traumatising incident all those years ago.

And of course it was lovely seeing SAO/ALO people again. I now see what that part in the opening with them is about. It seems that GGO is a big enough game that it’s worthy of being broadcasted around other games. That said, they’re all linked anyway, so I suppose it’s not impossible to link footage together.

Also, Kirito seems to be finally moving on from SAO bit by bit. It’s nice to see that he did feel the effects of the game and although it’s taken this long, he’s finally letting some of that built up emotion out. It’s never good to keep feelings inside, especially those that relate to murder, proves you’re human and not a machine. I did originally think that Kirito recovered pretty quickly after SAO, but of course he had the whole ALO business to deal with. So it’s understandable that he hadn’t had the time to really think about SAO, but everything’s going to be okay.

I was hoping to see more glimpses of Death Gun to give us some more clues, but we’ll see him sooner or later. He’s a very interesting character the whole mask and creepy cape thing, the killing anyone who’s good at a game and the taking notes from Star Wars. Definitely someone I’m very interested to find more about.