Cold Ambition

Key Events

Whilst Leon and Ren break the ice to rescue everyone and explain what their role in everything was, Cera defeats Rati and unlocks the final Seal to fully awaken Aichi.


Well, by this point it was obvious that Leon and Ren had been asked before. I think they would’ve posed a similar threat to asking Kai and group, as in they are close friends who would probably try and find another way rather than resorting to the last resort of sealing Aichi. So the easier option would be to flat out refuse, watch the proceedings and hope something happens so that Aichi ‘recovers’ without the sealing.

Wonder how that sits with Kai, asking Ren and Leon and not him. I feel he probably understands, what with him going ‘berserk’ last season. But still, after the end of last season and growing ever closer to Aichi and then to be snubbed like this, still gotta hurt a little.

So Cera wants Link Joker, I still see that as against his personality because whether he likes it or not, the seed will control him like it has done everyone else. Unless he’s figured something out to be able to control the seed or is too arrogant to realise that he probably doesn’t have the power to control it. Or perhaps he just wants power no matter the cost. May be the case with him going to Link Joker.

Speaking of Link Joker, we get to see their Legion which is basically a redone Glendious without the insta win. Luckily Dark Zodiac’s actual TCG ability isn’t as broken, and you can only ‘Omega Lock’ when you perform legion. If you can perform multiple legion then you can continue it, but only for a certain amount of time.

Shame Rati didn’t win, not that anyone expected her to. Anyways, looks like Aichi won’t be pressing the snooze button a second time. I’m expecting a Link Joker face off soon. Though with Kai and gang back out of cold, they’ll probably have something to say about it first.