After my lovely holiday in Geneva, I’m back to work again. If you’re wondering, I had a great time, a lot of walking, a lot of nice weather and a lot of, probably too much, chocolate.

This week’s SOTW is actually an interesting story, links to two things during the last two weeks in weird ways. It’s the OP of an anime of which the manga I saw on the shelf of a comic/anime related shop in Geneva and secondly because I was reminded of the title of the song, or rather had to repeat it to myself as I got out of bed to go to work on my first day back from holiday having had a near black out only a couple of hours earlier. I won’t go into that story too much, but I’m fine. The song is No Pain, No Game by Nano, OP for BTOOOM.

I saw BTOOOM volumes in a small anime merchandise shop in Geneva and remembered how good the OP was and was also surprised I had not blogged more than 1 Nano song as I quite like her songs.

The other part of my story was on the first day I got back I woke up in the middle of the night and had a near blackout after trying to get up. I recovered within a few minutes and just carried on sleeping until I needed to wake up. Had a bit of a headache but thought no pain no gain and went to work anyway. I am fine though, don’t worry, I did visit the hospital later as well.