Return of Omega

Key Events

With Rati’s loss and the final sealed undone, the entire sanctuary starts falling apart and the seed within Aichi starts taking control of him.

Cera appears and cages Kourin in a block of ice to spectate the duel that he will have against Aichi to take the seed from him. But Kai and group appears before that duel can take place and Gaillard takes the challenge of bringing down Serra instead.

The duel goes from bad to worse as Serra rides Dark Zodiac and performs his Omega Lock to place Gaillard’s cards in an indefinite lock.


I think we’ve confirmed that the sanctuary is actually on the moon. Which meant I was right, though hard to be wrong. There aren’t many places in space overlooking the earth and with the various craters revealed, without a doubt, it’s the moon.

With ice powers like those I think most people would bow down to Cera anyway. Should just do that instead, but no, need to go through proper procedures for world domination, through a children’s card game. And I guess even if he tried Gaillard would always win, as fire always beats ice. And being a children friendly show, we won’t be seeing Gaillard reducing Cera to ashes screaming in pain.

I think I’ll retract some of my earlier statements and say that taking Link Joker’s seed does suit him. His arrogance is astounding, thinking he can control it. I would admit his personality actually suits a time of turmoil or chaos and power struggles here and there as he’s always been in that situation. You could say it’s where he feels most at home. And I guess a calm time guarding someone wasn’t his thing, those who seek power tend to seek more.

I’m more amazed at how quickly Gaillard’s recovered. He was on the ground not too long ago and look at him now, standing as though nothing happened ready to take on the antagonist of the series. In a duel which I don’t believe he’ll win. I expect Kai to face Cera, though it might be just me wanting to see more of the new Kagero. But I think it’s more logical that way, i.e. for Kai to take out Cera then somehow find a way to ‘cure’ Aichi, like taking the seed himself and being able to keep it under control as I previously have said. And I still believe he’ll be the one to be able to do it having had full control of Link Joker powers before and developing a lot more as a person mentally and strength wise since then.