Death Gun

Key Events

With GGO’s big tournament going on, old faces from ALO watch the action live.

Back in the game, after Kirito’s plea Sinon opens fire but Death Gun dodges and fires one shot at Pale Rider. With that the guy writhes in pain for a little while and then disconnects. He then makes a silent getaway and the radar can’t detect him movements.

Kirito and Sinon decide to work together to take down Death Gun for now. They encounter someone on the way though and quickly takes him out.

Meanwhile, Asuna decides to do some researching into Death Gun with some help from Yui.

Kirito and Sinon make their way to the centre of the map called Lost City as they believe Death Gun went there. They believe that Death Gun is ‘Gunner X’ so they wait for the next available Radar. After they believe they had located him they move in. But he was actually hidden with a camouflage cape and stuns Sinon just as Kirito had ran off to get into position.

Death Gun brandishes his gun which is a Black Star Type 54, coincidently the same gun that traumatized Sinon all those years ago stunning her into complete immobility.


The ending was not really surprising. I found it hard to believe they’d be able to ‘trap’ Death Gun so easily, and I was right, he had them trapped. And that last gunshot there, whatever happens I don’t expect that to be the death of Sinon. Either he’s playing around with his prey and shot her in the leg, or it’s Kirito’s gunshot to scare him off. I would put my bets on the latter.

I burst out laughing at the start of the episodes when all of Kirito’s former love interests were gathered and they started talking about a lack of screentime, surely not referring to themselves as well… At least they got some… probably no more though, we’ve heard their plea though.

And speaking of Kirito’s BoB screentime I actually thought they’d have a cam on everyone that you can switch to. But if it’s a broadcast perhaps they’d only show the best parts. And I was also thinking that we don’t really want to see him swimming naked in the lake… do we now? I mean for one thing it’d blow his cover, though that’d be probably the least of his worries.

As flashy as Kirito’s imitation of Yoda was, it was very short lived and quite bland. To me it only seemed to be a ‘silence filler’ to break up any awkwardness that followed from the formation of team ‘KiriNon’. The fight came out of nowhere and for an ambush attempt it wasn’t that great. Showed a little teamwork, if you can call it that. At least it was fun and who doesn’t love some Yoda action.

With the way Kirito reacted last episode you’d think he’d panic more when Death Gun dodged Sinon’s shot. But no, he looked too relaxed afterwards for some reason. I felt the last episode had way overhyped this. And why didn’t Sinon shoot again, is the reload time that long? Or are they happy spectating…

Also, on a random note, the more I think about what Death Gun does, the more it sounds like a drop hack. And another random note, he definitely speaks like Darth Vader, he’s got that part down.

I am interested in the Kirito vs Death Gun showdown as Death Gun doesn’t look like he can move that well in his cape. But he may take it off for the fight. That would be nice to see, a well done fight, unlike the one from this episode.