Hey, do you guys remember me telling you Yu-Gi-Oh! series were awesome?

Well, they are. *cough*ignoringsomeofGXandZEXAL*cough*

Seriously. What can be better than a Yu-Gi-Oh! series, so laden with cliches and tropes that it becomes awesome by default. And 5D’s is the standout from them. I love Duel Monsters (series 2 of the original cast lineup, when you include the Toei series), and its nostalgia stands to this day, but 5D’s brought something new.

It was pretty much created to screw with 4kids, who edited series to be friendlier to children. 5D’s in Japan was aimed at the late-teenage demographic who grew up with Yu-Gi-Oh!, and it shows. Members of the cast needing to die for the main antagonists to appear? Check. The plot being so flowing that missing or editing any episodes would ruin continuity? Check. Violence being a necessity for plot to move along? Check. A major plot point being a severed goddamn arm? Check.

Not only that, but it had amazing music. Kra, Knotlamp, La-Vie, vistlip and Masaaki Endoh all contributed to the themes, and Endoh even recorded a rarity for Yu-Gi-Oh! series – insert songs. Anyway, this is the final ending, ‘Miraiiro’ by Plastic Tree, probably my favourite band from the bands who recorded themes.


Ending Version


Full Version