Nothing that interesting happened this week to tell, apart from I was on a ship for two days and felt horrendous. Never thought I was that seasick as I usually fall asleep on long journeys, but can’t do that this time. Only thing I was reminded of was that lonely island song which of course is not anime and also that was about a boat, not a ship, there’s a difference. So yeah, nothing during the weekdays inspired this week’s song.

What did inspire it was, weirdly enough, some dancing because I was a little tipsy and felt like I should move my body a little. So this is a song I used to dance the dance to and actually had it memorised at one point. Though unfortunately after a few years of not dancing it I was quite rusty, alcohol didn’t help, but it was definitely fun. So this is Happy Syntheszier by Luka and Gumi

Strictly Vocaloid isn’t anime, but hey, I’d say that’s quite closely related wouldn’t you? And who doesn’t enjoy a fun dance so I’d say this is excused. And for your enjoyment the video is of the dance mirrored if you want to have a go, which I think you do. So give it a try!