Determination of the Bluish Flames

Key Events

With a trump card, Venom Dancer, Cera declares final turn. However Gaillard is able to guard against everything and turn it around with a well needed friendship speech.

But even after judgment Cera refuses to give up and jumps back up instantly and raises a huge amount of ice to wall off everyone from Aichi so he can get close to him again. Luckily, Rati and Neve recovers and return as back up to break the ice and banish Cera from the sanctuary.


Well then, onto bigger and hopefully better fights. I’m surprised Aichi hasn’t woken up yet, but because of that I predict many more friendship speeches to follow. And Kai’s probably now the king of friendship speeches so I’d like to see him come out on top and plus I don’t believe the Quatre knights will win overall. Also with Leon and Ren both here as well, I wonder if they’ll interfere more?

My predictions have been a little off as I was expecting Aichi to wake up now and run rampant, perhaps he will do still. Whilst it’s likely that Kai will win against Kourin, I do feel it’d be better for Kai to straight up fight Aichi and not have to go through Kourin. And either way, I don’t believe Kourin has the ability to wipe memories or send anyone back so whatever the outcome it won’t matter overall, just means Kai will have one more duel to get to Aichi. So actually, Ishida may win this one against Kourin, and then Aichi can wake up for the final showdown between Kai and Aichi. I’ll go with that, not like it matters.

Cera crawled up that pillar like a weird mannequin, thought it was kinda freaky, I guess that was the point. And again, we see that he should’ve just used ice from the beginning, would’ve been much easier rather than risk losing. Perhaps his arrogant brain didn’t consider the possibility of a loss.

I did actually change my mind about Gaillard losing after I had posted the blog, but it was too late and I thought I won’t bother editing it. It was mainly because I was thinking against that this battle isn’t the important one anyway and if Kai was to face Cera, Kourin and then Aichi he won’t have had enough time to recover, as apparently playing a children’s card game takes a lot out of you. So this way, Kai’s fresh for taking on Aichi, which I still believe to be the case i.e. win and take the seed for himself.

Think I’ve been through this before, but you can’t really bluff in vanguard. Everything’s out in the open and each turn is pretty similar to the next with a very small prescribed set of actions each player usually takes.

This is probably quite late, but I’ve finally decided that I want to say something. So I’d like to take a minute just sit right there I’ll tell you about how I feel about the usage of the word ‘mate’ in this series. For one thing, I think the word’s been thrown around a bit too much. It feels like one of the Vanguard producers stumbled across this English word and thought he’d make a big deal out of it or decided it was his next plaything. It’s an interesting word to use, not just a ‘friend’ or ‘comrade’, but a ‘mate’. I find it quite funny, as if you look at the actual definition of ‘mate’, or at least the first definition, is it much less ‘friend’ but more ‘partner’ as in someone to spend the rest of your life with. I don’t think they’re trying to suggest Kai’s gay, not that I mind. I will say that mate sounds better than friend though, of course I wholly realise that they’re using the word mate in the context of being a friend, but I like to look a bit deeper into these things as you know. Interesting nay?

Also, anyone noticed my random pop culture reference in the text? If not, nevermind, if you did, yay I’m so happy!