Our Place

Key Events

With Cera finally out of the picture, Kai and the Quatre Knights’ cooperation ends there.

Some flashbacks for Kourin’s story where her memories were lost but because of Aichi’s suffering against the Seed, she was able to recall everything and decided to protect Aichi.

However, Ishida’s feelings of wanting to go back to the time when they were together in the cardfight club reaches her and he wins with overwhelming passion.

And at last, Aichi wakes up to help Kourin and Kai’s eyes finally meet Aichi’s.


Well, I finally got something right. Kourin lost to Ishida’s passion and of course friendship speeches beat need to protect Aichi speeches. But it was also nice to see how Kourin got here and to finally confirm that she did lose her memories after the end of last season. Even though if made no sense at all, forget the random teleporting to the moon and the suddenly remembering everything after seeing a suffering Aichi. but how the hell did no one notice her walking away from everyone at the end of last season. After knowing that she’s going to lose her memories surely someone would’ve wanted to be with her. Also makes me wonder what became of Suiko and Rekka, in terms of their memories. I assume they’ve forgotten everything too and has not had their random teleportation to the moon to regain their memories.

I was thinking, why does the Legion card always have to be around mid deck when it searches, if it was at the top it’d be quicker to find, but wouldn’t make good a light show. I guess since there are 4 of the cards the light specifically searches for a mid deck one to make everything look nice…

After getting a glimpse of Ishida’s deck I was very surprised that there was still a huge chunk left seeing as it was late game and he had used 2 quintet walls. I didn’t count how many cards he used, but surely it would’ve been near half at least.

Now that I think about it, whatever did happen with Shingo and why wasn’t he a part of this? I feel sorry for him considering he was such a huge Aichi fan. But as they say, admiration is furthest from understanding, perhaps it was better for him not to join in. Though I would’ve thought Ishida and Shingo stood as equals joining Aichi at the same time and going through much together, only difference is that Ishida is much more a main character and probably feels more friendship towards Aichi than Shingo. But still, if and when he figures out he’s missed this much he’s not gonna be very happy about it.

Anyway, it seems we may need to wait a little longer for the season fated duel between Aichi and Kai as someone else looks like he wants a rematch. Which was definitely out of my calculations as I was hoping Kai would be fresh to face Aichi. But nevermind, he needs to prove himself to Gaillard one more time, though I don’t understand why last time wasn’t enough. Perhaps Gaillard feels that he’s learnt something in his duel against Cera. Either way I’m not complaining, just more Kagero for showcasing.