So, after a tiresome day at work, here’s a backup SOTW that I don’t need to think about to post.

Cowboy Bebop’s a great series. Nah, scrap that. It’s a masterpiece.

I can say that confidently, because it’s true.

Not only is the animation great, the characters come to life out of the screen, the dialogue is memorable (and its a rare case of the English dub being better than the original Japanese version), and the soundtrack is perfect for the setting. Written by Yoko Kanno, performed by her band The Seatbelts, the soundtrack is full of jazz and blues, which fits hand-in-hand with the series.

‘Tank!’ is this series’ opening theme (as if you didn’t already know), and is easily one of the best opening themes of all time.

Quite surprised I haven’t blogged it until now, actually.


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