Pride of the Flames

Key Events

With Aichi awake, Gaillard pleads with Aichi to face Kai again and Kai accepts the challenge, this time there’s no need to use a prison.

A flurry of heal triggers and keeps the game close. During the duel, in an inner monologue, Gaillard agrees that an approach that sacrifices someone is wrong, but he also believes that there is no other way to stop the seed.

The game reaches late game and Kai scores a crit trigger to finish the game, but Gaillard pulls a fifth heal trigger because of Legion recycling triggers to survive. Now with Gaillard’s turn he pulls a double crit and challenges Kai to pull the same heals. Kai does pull a double heal to survive. With that, he declares final turn and finally uses up all of Gaillard’s heal triggers and out damage all the heals to win the duel.

With that finally out of the way, Gaillard moves out of his way so Kai can finally face Aichi.


Right well, I thought there’d be more to this duel than just a load of triggers and seeing who lady luck decided to grace, which happened to be both of them. I suppose in a way it showed that Kai outplayed Gaillard rather than lucked out a win seeing as he had to clear all of Gaillard’s heal triggers to win leaving no chance to luck. But apart from seeing Gaillard outclassed and the new Overlord, which I have mixed opinions about and am a little underwhelmed, there wasn’t much to the duel.

Kai was going to win, it was an obvious result and if I’m honest, I would’ve preferred it if he revealed the new Overlord against Aichi.

Another thing I was wondering about was the random scene with Misaki, Miwa and Kamui, whilst it was nice seeing them it also didn’t add anything. Was actually hoping they may have remembered something, but no, it was just a day in the life of vanguard fighters.

Very minor point from me, as always, why did Aichi’s footsteps make the ground ripple…? Seems so unnatural as if the floor’s a liquid… Even weirder is that they’re on the moon where there shouldn’t be any liquid at all, so it makes no sense. Unless they’re suggesting Aichi’s the messiah walking on ‘water’. Or more obviously it’s probably to emphasis the ‘fantasy’ element of this whole sanctuary on the moon theme.

But anyway, that’s not important, not really that bothered about the point of this episode or the rippling floor, what’s important is that the fated duel is finally on its way next episode. I still don’t see many ways of resolving this situation with the seed apart from passing it on so Kai has to win this or everything will be back to normal. Though that’s a given.